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CHINA DIECASTING 2021 Check out This Invitation from YIZUMI

Good News! The CHINA DIECASTING 2021 will kick off on July 7th, in Shanghai New International Expo Center. This year, YIZUMI can’t wait to show you our new “outfits”.

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Stefan Fritsche, YIZUMI CSO for Die Casting &Metal Forming has prepared an invitation video for you!

Three Themes

LEAP Series Die Casting Machine World-class Die Casting Technology

In recent years, under the general trend of energy conservation and emission reduction, the global demand for new energy vehicles and 5G telecommunication industry has ushered in rapid growth. The die-casting industry is facing a new round of transformation and upgrading which put forward new and often higher requirements for die-casting technology and complex thin-walled die-casting parts.

To address this challenge, YIZUMI technical team combines its know-how in building and providing high quality die-casting machines and solutions with the engineering prowess of our specialists’ network of European partners to build our latest innovation-YIZUMI LEAP series die casting machine with key performance completely benchmarking to the world advanced counterpart.

LEAP aims for equipment availability, process repeatability, and precision in the next generation of die casting machines with high OEE, contributing significantly to the competitiveness of our customers. With innovative technology in Yi-cast shot end, ORCA control system, high-speed clamping system, as well as servo + feed drive system, YIZUMI LEAP series die casting machine will be an important milestone for YIZUMI to move towards world-class die casting. LEAP series die-casting machines can fulfill the requirements of semi-solid metal casting, magnesium alloy and aluminum alloys for high-end auto parts such as gearbox housings or structural parts. To embrace the era of 5G, the facility for heavy-duty die-casting machine is expanded and upgraded

UN300MGII Thixomolding Machine Advantageous in Small-part Production

This year, YIZUMI will continue to explore new applications of magnesium alloys with our customers. For example, the UN300MGII models developed by YIZUMI will provide Thixomolding technology benefits in small-part production.

Developed by YIZUMI headquarters and YIZUMI Germany R&D center since 2021, UN300MGII is a small-shot-weight model which has adopted Europe's cutting-edge hot runner technology and provides better filling performance and product quality.

Yi+Platform Intelligent Manufacturing Platform

Yi+ intelligent manufacturing platform is used in the production process of the polymer material& metal forming industry which integrates IoT, Cloud Computation, Big Data and other new generation ICT technologies to solve the issues of equipment monitoring, efficiency statistics, equipment maintenance, troubleshooting, process parameter monitoring and traceability, etc., improving production efficiency and product quality. Yi+ intelligent manufacturing platform currently includes two products: Yi MES(manufacturing execution system) and Yi CMS(condition monitor system).

New innovations, better solutions! Wanna learn more about our new LEAP die casting machine, Thixomolding Machine and Yi+Platform? You are most welcomed to YIZUMI booth: Hall E7-A21, Shanghai New International Expo Center.


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