VLOG - TCT Asia 2021

Met YIZUMI SpaceA Video Tour from TCT Asia with project manager and CEO interview


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Project Manager
Vlog at TCT Asia 2021!Our moderator and YIZUMI SpaceA project Manager Stella will show you around the exhibition and talk about how the SpaceA machine achieves simple, fast, competitive production. If you have missed out the expo, don’t miss out this video!!

VideoYIZUMI CEO Interview at TCT Asia2021 | SpaceA
YIZUMI Managing Director Richard Yan made an appearance at the event and accepted our interview. In the interview, Richard exemplified the current application of SpaceA, especially in the automobile industry, and shared the new progress as well as the global market situation that SpaceA made so far. 

Check out the video for more info:

TCT Asia successfully came to an end!We miss the exhibition vibe!



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