How good that the foundry industry is getting a boost right at the beginning of the year with EUROGUSS, especially in the field of lightweight construction and die casting.

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The foundry industry is driving efficiency, performance and change, particularly in terms of energy consumption and reducing waste streams. Rapidly changing circumstances and shorter product lifecycles require the die casting industry to be flexible and adaptable, including the ability to introduce new products quickly.

For every light metal casting process - HPDC, LPDC, GDC or individual process steps such as melting, cooling, heat treatment, straightening and (pre-)machining - GEMCO's expertise is available. From process to product, from design to simulation, from analysis to solution, from concept to turnkey realizaton.

GEMCO offers a wide range of services for the die casting industry.

Project management for: Castability design - transforming a product into a castable part, including the design of all necessary tooling (mold, gripper, etc.).

Prototyping - validation of a product design, not necessarily in the final production process.

New product introduction - from cell layout to market launch of the new product

Product relocation - from cell to cell, within a casting plant or even to another plant

Relocation of equipment / installation of new equipment

Audit/assessments of: Foundry plant, process and/or product - validation of a foundry's potential to produce according to the customer's requirements

Benchmarking: comparison of the foundry with others - based on a predefined set of KPIs (e.g. machine size, capacity, flexibility, quality)

Productivity improvement: Improvement of the current production process in terms of availability, productivity and quality (OEE), reduction of scrap rate

Interim management: operational management - production, quality, logistics/stock control, maintenance, projects, health and safety, budget and finance

GEMCO is looking forward to your visit in hall 7 / 7-600, where you can get to know the range of services and the realized projects.


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