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Gemco to convert cupola melting plant into electric melting plant at Fritz Winter

At Fritz Winter, protecting the environment has been part of their principles and values since their foundation. For example, FW already had an environmental department in the 1990s, long before there was so much focus on sustainability. Eco melting is one of the company’s sustainable eco-solutions to become a CO2 neutral foundry.

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A number of considerations have been made for decarbonisation investments of FW foundry operations. As for a sustainable foundry, it may also be necessary to change existing processes. From this perspective, Fritz Winter and Gemco have been working together on a concept for the transition from a 30t/hr. cupola furnace melting system, to electric induction melting. (from coke to electric melting).

Various concepts and proposals have been discussed in the process of arriving at the most efficient capacity conversion. Ultimately the choice was made for a 2 x 30t induction furnace configuration. Despite the difference in the melting process (from continuous to batch melting), a continuous supply of molten iron can be guaranteed and that is crucial. Whilst decarbonization results in a significant reduction of the carbon footprint, induction melting also has the advantage that the chemistry of the molten metal is more consistent and controllable.

Another challenge was finding/creating an appropriate location for the new melting facility, within the prenises, while maintaining good logistics. The installation of the new melting plant and conversion must be planned and performed within a fully operational production environment.

Gemco has now been commissioned to execute this project. Immediately after mutual agreement of the concept and “the associated handshake”, the realization of the project started.


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