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Dr. Christoph Mätzig Named Managing Director, SPECTRO Analytical Instruments

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SPECTRO Analytical Instruments GmbH today announced that Dr. Christoph Mätzig has been named to succeed Manfred Bergsch as Managing Director. Bergsch retired on July 1, 2016, and Dr. Mätzig has assumed his responsibilities at SPECTRO, a leading manufacturer of measurement instruments for elemental analysis.

Dr. Mätzig joins SPECTRO from Leica Microsystems, where he led various microscopy businesses. Prior to Leica, he worked for Heraeus, a German technology group, as a Division Manager and for Balzer Process Systems as a Key Account Manager.

A native of Schleswig-Holstein, Dr. Mätzig obtained his doctorate in 1997 from the Institute for Microtechnology, University of Hannover, Germany. The 51-year-old has three children and will relocate with his family to the Kleve area around the turn of the year.

At a recent employee introduction, Dr. Mätzig outlined his principle focus as the Managing Director of SPECTRO. “Innovation is very important to me and is what SPECTRO is recognized for worldwide. Innovation is not simply the development of new products, but also includes processes, methods and strategies across all areas of the business. Everyone is called upon to consider this in his or her unit,” he noted.

He also considered employee satisfaction another high priority. “Only satisfied personnel will continue to work well over the long term. My door is always open,” he added.

During his first weeks at SPECTRO, Dr. Mätzig sees himself as a student. “I have a lot to learn. I will look carefully at our products, technologies and processes. I will acquire as much knowledge as possible. I want to do my part in seeing that SPECTRO continues its successful path into the future.”

Nick Grant, Vice President of AMETEK’s Material Analysis Division, SPECTRO’s parent company, looks forward to the collaboration: “We are very happy to have Dr. Mätzig join SPECTRO. His background combines technical excellence with years of management and leadership experience. He is an excellent choice to succeed Manfred Bergsch. We are certain that under his direction SPECTRO will continue its successful record of developing innovative products and achieving growth.” Grant offered special thanks to Michael Privik und Rolf Singendonk, who together assisted with the administration of the company during the transition period. “Both performed exceptionally good work, and we thank both very much,” he added.

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