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DYNACAST Germany: New magnesium die-cast part needs its own deburring press

abk PRESSENBAU UND AUTOMATION has the competent answer and the right machine at hand

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Thomas Fritsch, Chief Editor

"There are die-cast parts that must not be broken for further use during deburring, but rather require a clean full cut with the help of a specially manufactured deburring press," explains DYNACST Germany boss Armin Beck in an interview.

The current challenge concerns a magnesium die-cast part that will later be used as the rear lock for a luxury Bavarian vehicle. The cast part must not have any fracture surfaces, because an injection-molded part is attached during further processing, and the necessary tightness is only guaranteed with a full cut using a corresponding deburring press.

Investment-intensive project with a dynamic solution
Overall, Beck speaks of an extraordinarily exciting project, as the production of the new cast part involved a so-called "hard start", that is, a part is replaced by a new part during the current series. This required a high degree of flexibility and speed in the foundry, as well as in the requirements for mechanical engineering.

The new rear lock is cast as a magnesium casting on a specially manufactured DYNACAST hot chamber machine with multi-slide technology. One works with a tool with two-slide technology and injection in the mold half. After the casting, the cast part is transported on a conveyor belt through a cooling tunnel, is then picked up by the Aulbach deburring press and cut cleanly.

Abk PRESSENBAU UND AUTOMATION very quickly turned out to be the ideal supplier for the provision of the absolutely necessary deburring automation, because the specialists from Mömlingen had a suitable deburring robot on hand and, with their competence and expertise in deburring automation, were able to tailor the hydraulics and electrics precisely to the requirements of DYNACAST Germany.

Armin Beck also praises the good communication with Ms. Aulbach and Mr. Kohlmann, and the quick and precise implementation as a good companion for the demanding project.

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Follow the animation of the deburring process in the video - The recording is made by an ABB robot with camera support:


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