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The trimming press for giga- or megacastings is not a toy

abk PRESSENBAU is well positioned

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Thomas Fritsch, Chief Editor

When you drive into the yard at abk PRESSENBAU, you can feel the spirit of optimism.  In January 2024, a new hall will be built at the company site in Mömlingen, equipped with a 65-tonne crane for the assembly of large trimming presses that process so-called giga- or megacastings, i.e., large structural components in die casting.

abk PRESSENBAU and Aulbach Entgratungstechnik have been meeting the challenges of trimming technology for a long time and supply the global market with proven products.

The particularly large new structural components open new perspectives in terms of size, statics, and overall equipment.

In conversation with Lisa Aulbach, Ulrich Krimm (Managing Director for Production and Purchasing) and André Pfeifer (Technical Project Leader), it becomes clear that the company is successful and intends to grow organically.

How do you trim large structural components?

"We're talking about components with a shot weight of between 80 and 120 kg which is a considerable size," Lisa Aulbach explains, giving the example of the rear underbody (RUB) of a car, which is cast on casting machines weighing between 6,600 and 9,200 tonnes.

The concept of trimming with a press and mould is based on a traditional and mature procedure that can be found in foundries worldwide. The advantages of punch trimming are obvious: short cycle times, defined contour cut with adjustable knives and high repeat accuracy, trimming removal through the table opening with return of the circulating material to the melting furnace and a verifiable straightening effect.

In terms of size and geometry, trimming presses have already proven themselves for such components, but place special demands on the supplier.

The new generation of hydraulic trimming presses and tools

abk SP 30/23-4-300

3000 x 2300 mm Column passage

3000 x 3000 mm Clamping size

300 t pressing force

Trimming tools are changed fully automatically


Immersion cooling basin in various sizes, max. 3000 x 3000 m

abk builds this type of machine in series production and has now received 17 orders and already delivered 7 presses. Several machines are currently under construction and the company is in close contact with renowned international customers and relevant suppliers along the process chain. There is already a high degree of standardisation and many examples of successful implementation.

In addition to the large machines, the company has no intention of neglecting the standard programme with smaller presses and will continue to offer general overhauls and comprehensive service for all machine sizes in the future.

Come and visit Aulbach Automation GmbH abk PRESSENBAU at the EUROGUSS 2024 in hall 7A-622!


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