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Elkem Iceland celebrates 40-year anniversary

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On June 1st, Elkem Iceland celebrated its 40-year anniversary. The plant, located in Akranes - 40 kilometers north of the capital of Reykjavik (IS), is one of the world’s largest ferrosilicon plant in the world, focused on sustainable production of high quality, specialty ferrosilicon.

The construction of the plant started in 1977 and the first furnace became operational in 1979. Today Elkem Iceland produces and sells high quality ferrosilicon (FeSi) all around the world. Throughout the years the goal has been to decrease the production of standard FeSi and increase the production for specialty FeSi, in a sustainable manner. Elkem Iceland has, first within major industry in Iceland, made a pledge to the Icelandic nation to become a carbon neutral ferrosilicon plant by the year 2040 and has published a roadmap leading towards that goal.

The plant has very dedicated employees. Two thirds of Elkem Iceland’s employees have worked at the plant more than ten years, about 1 out 5 employees have worked at the plant for more than twenty years, and many even for longer than 30 years.

“We train our people in a way that they are sought after elsewhere and treat them in a way so that they don´t wish to leave. Our people, their knowledge and our culture for continuous innovation and world class products is our most important competitive edge in the global competition we compete every day. Celebrating our 40-year anniversary is an acknowledgement of all of us working here today, and of the generations before us”, says Gestur Pétursson, Plant Manager of Elkem Iceland.

Elkem Iceland’s production is continuously focusing on the goals of The Paris Agreement, by decreasing the emission of Greenhouse Gas. Its demand of high purity ferrosilicon is increasing from manufacturers of electric cars and wind energy generators, as well as for electric motors, which can be found in common appliances like tumble dyers, washing machines, fridges and vacuum cleaners with energy efficiency rating above A+.

By providing the products which are the basis of the production of more environmentally friendly applications that demand less fossil fuels, and the constant focus on sustainable production within Elkem, Elkem Iceland contributes to less emission of Greenhouse Gas globally.

“Elkem is a leading supplier of ferrosilicon solutions, amongst others for electrical steel manufacturers. We are at the forefront of research and development for our industry, working towards sustainable production. We are proud of the achievements in Iceland so far and the ambitious goals for the future”, says Nick Magnussen, General Manager Ferrosilicon for Elkem.

To celebrate the 40-year anniversary day, Elkem Iceland is honoured to have the Minister of Industry in Iceland, Þórdís Kolbrún Reykfjörð Gylfadóttir joining.

Co-workers, families, friends and locals can enjoy guided bus tours around the area and on-site tours that focus mainly on science-based entertainment, both for kids and adults. As part of a strong international unit, the festivities are accompanied by local food, but also inspired by different countries all over the world.

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