“Evolution of Feeding Systems Solutions”

Autor: Christof Volks, Intl Marketing Manager Feeding Systems, Foseco

Reading time: min

The product development of suppliers to the foundry industry is strongly oriented to meeting customers’ demands. Changes in processes, stricter environmental requirements, evolution of casting design and alloys and a continuously increasing cost pressure are driving the development of foundry consumables. 

Despite the maturity of the feeding systems product line, ongoing product development ensures a continuing dynamism in the evolution of feeder technology. Many of the products in the market today could not have been conceived of a few years ago. The process of product development is a result of how we understand our role in the foundry industry which is serving and partnering our customers to achieve higher quality, improved productivity and lower costs.

During this webinar you will get insights into a selected range of the latest developments in feeding systems technology which have proved to be an asset to today’s foundry industry. 

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