Foseco showcases new technologies at MMC 2021

Due to its strong commitment to Research and Development and by working closely together with customers in developing new applications and solutions, Foseco will be showcasing new product and equipment technologies at MMC from May 26th to 28th 2021.

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At the Foseco booth, visitors will discover new, innovative solutions for iron, steel and non ferrous foundries. An ideal opportunity for visitors to get an overview of Foseco’ s latest trends and technology developments for the foundry industry.

We look forward to seeing you on our stand in Hall 1.1, stand no. 1D01.  in the Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai.

In feeding systems, Foseco will feature the new, patented range of FEEDEX K spot feeders for ductile iron castings, SCK modular feeders for spot feeding of large jobbing iron and steel castings, and FEEDEX NF1, the first exothermic feeders for aluminium casting.

In the coatings area, the latest developments in automotive and heavy truck engine coatings offering the highest levels of internal casting cavity cleanliness will be featured alongside SEMCO coatings for compacted graphite castings and the Intelligent Coating Unit coating control system that ensure consistent coating application time after time, guarantee a consistent coating layers, get rid of burn-on and veining defects and meet the cleanness customer requirements.

In the iron and steel melt shop, Foseco will present VAPEX FOSLOW; a new system that allows for changes in nozzle diameter, even in a full ladle. VAPEX FOSFLOW alumina graphite nozzles use both carbon and ceramic bond technology. The combination of the two bonding systems provide unique beneficial properties for steel foundry ladle applications. The system contains a BASE NOZZLE which remains in the refractory bottom of the ladle and an interchangeable POURING NOZZLE with possible different inner diameters. This POURING NOZZLE can be replaced quickly even within a ladle cycle.

Finally, for aluminium foundries, Foseco will be promoting the latest generation of SMARTT Melt Treatment Stations and Degassing units that deliver enhanced hydrogen level control, superior inclusion removal and optimised grain refining.

Foseco offer a complete range of silicon carbide and clay graphite crucibles, retorts and other specialised shapes for use in fuel fired, induction and electric resistance furnaces. Furthermore, Foseco will present a new crucible with DURATEK E which has a premium antioxidation resistance that can guarantee high thermal conductivity during the whole operation cycle of the crucible. This crucible type has a high strength which leads to a long life time and high stability and in addition, will not cause any hydrogen pinholes in the castings.

In addition to the large number of new technologies on show, Foseco will also highlight novel applications of existing products through the use of case studies, MAGMA simulations and casting exhibits.