Vesuvius and Foseco are supporting global and national efforts to help protect lives and livelihoods during the Coronavirus pandemic

As a global company, Vesuvius and its Foundry Division Foseco, are closely monitoring the spread of Coronavirus COVID-19 (COVID-19).

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The primary focus has been to protect the health and safety of their people and families, and that of their customers and business partners. As with many organisations, Vesuvius is taking steps to ensure that the health and safety of its staff is safeguarded, whilst where possible seeking to secure the continued operation of its business and protect the interests of its customers.

Many of Vesuvius' operations have been actively involved in supporting their local communities in the fight against COVID 19 including:

The foundry industry has been severely disrupted by the crisis, as in many countries, businesses closed temporarily to help reduce the spread of infection. Vesuvius' operations have also inevitably been disrupted as they deal with temporary site closures and supply chain issues, and their teams are working hard to maintain business continuity.

They have implemented home working for a significant number of their staff and introduced safe working practices in all offices and production facilities. Sales and technical teams continue to provide support and advice to customers through the increased use of video conferencing and technical training webinars.

Vesuvius continues to monitor the situation carefully, on a country by country basis, working closely with the relevant authorities and they stand ready to adapt their approach as some of the restrictions are lifted.