First EUROGUSS MEXICO 2023 provides successful platform for die-casting sector

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For three days EUROGUSS MEXICO drew representatives of the entire value chain in the light metal casting sector to the Expo Guadalajara exhibition centre. Almost 1,100 registered trade visitors made the most of the chance to learn about the latest trends and innovations at the stands run by the 94 exhibitors, and to make new contacts in the growing Mexican market.

  • Trade fair a driving force and an innovator in an emerging market

For three days (28.02-02.03) EUROGUSS MEXICO drew representatives of the entire value chain in the light metal casting sector to the Expo Guadalajara exhibition centre. Almost 1,100 registered trade visitors made the most of the chance to learn about the latest trends and innovations at the stands run by the 94 exhibitors, and to make new contacts in the growing Mexican market. “With EUROGUSS MEXICO we set ourselves the goal of establishing a platform that would serve as a driving force and an innovator, and we achieved that in terms of both quality and quantity,” says Christopher Boss, Executive Director, NürnbergMesse. Nineteen German companies also took the opportunity to present at their own stands or via a pavilion. A member of the EUROGUSS FAMILY, the trade fair was arranged by Mexican organizer PR1MA together with NürnbergMesse. The event was supported by many partners such as the VDMA Metallurgy Division, CEMAFON, Clúster de la Fundición, IMEDAL and FUNDIGEX. 

Following its initial launch as an exhibitor pavilion in 2018, EUROGUSS MEXICO was delayed for five years as a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic. There was therefore strong anticipation on all sides for the first in-person edition when the event opened this year. And the exhibitors, visitors and organizers were extremely pleased with the result as it drew to a close. 

Growth market: Die-casting boom in Mexico 

“Our first edition of EUROGUSS MEXICO was a resounding success,” says Boss. “Exhibitors had particular praise for the high quality of the visitors and the positive professional discussions about specific products. Everyone was pleased that NürnbergMesse had made a highly suitable platform available for this theme in Mexico. After all, Mexico is booming. But there is currently a shortage of die-casting capacity, and that offers good opportunities for suppliers of die-casting foundries in particular. TESLA’s announcement of a giga-factory in Mexico will also further increase demand for castings for the automotive sector. And the subject of nearshoring with regard to supplying the US market is resulting in growing interest in Mexico.” 

Viewer opinions

Mexico is the world’s fourth-largest automobile manufacturing country. The die-casting industry, light metal casting in particular, has taken on a key role in order to meet the required production standards at these facilities. The exhibitors also view it that way. “Mexico has huge potential for aluminium casting,” says Philipp Hettich, Head of Global Sales, Laubinger+Rickmann GmbH. “What is needed is networking and discussion with experts from around the world – and that is exactly what EUROGUSS offers as a leading international trade fair.” Blas Luna, Deputy Director General, 5D Industria, adds: “We are very pleased with our participation in the trade fair. The strong visitor numbers and, in particular, the really high quality of the industry professionals, were positive surprises for us. Since EUROGUSS MEXICO is strongly focused on the industry and its needs, we were able to find many potential new customers there.” Raphael Heilig, Managing Director, Teraport GmbH, is also full of praise: “I flew to Guadalajara to attend EUROGUSS MEXICO with an open mind. And after three days there I can only say that I was pleasantly surprised.” Nico Jordi, Technical Specialist Die Casting, Bühler AG, summarizes the event and the mood there: “For us, EUROGUSS MEXICO was highly successful. We had many interested contacts at our stand. Visitors came to us with specific things they wanted to discuss. And during those conversations you could sense the prevailing spirit of optimism in the Mexican die-casting market.”

German Pavilion with leading companies

The presence of a German pavilion underlined the great importance of the trade fair and the Mexican market to German industry. Ten companies participated: Aulbach Entgratungstechnik GmbH, Aulbach Automation GmbH, abk Pressenbau, KRÄMER + GREBE GmbH & Co. KG, Laubinger + Rickmann GmbH & Co. KG, Oskar Frech GmbH + Co. KG, POWER-CAST Monterrey, PROTOCAST GmbH, SHL AG, Schaufler Tooling, Fischer Tool & Die, and Teraport GmbH. 

Many more companies from the European region, the majority from Germany, Italy and Spain, were represented with their own stands, or as part of a collective arrangement such as that organized by Spanish trade association FUNDIGEX.

Visitors from purchasing sectors and die-casting foundries

The growing importance of the Mexican market was also reflected in the visitor figures. Almost 1,100 registered trade visitors came to the Exhibition Centre in Guadalajara, Mexico’s second-largest city. Purchasers of die-cast products, including representatives of major automakers, automotive suppliers and R&D centres in the automobile industry, found their way to the venue, along with many decision-makers from die-casting foundries. Many representatives from politics and industry also attended in order to gain an insight into the trade fair and the companies present. 

Panel discussion and a fascinating lecture programme 

Despite the upswing and the major potential for growth, the die-casting industry in Latin America is not entirely without its challenges. The global pandemic, changing consumer preferences and rising power costs are just a few examples. These themes were given the appropriate space in a panel discussion involving top-level international guests, including Jaime Puente (CTO BOCAR Group), Dr Alexander Marks (CCO Oskar Frech GmbH), Lisa Aulbach-Heinecke (CEO Aulbach Automation GmbH), Brian Quinn (Product Development Senior Manager HDPC, NEMAK), and Nico Jordi (Technical Specialist Die Casting BÜHLER AG). 

Accumulated knowledge and reports were presented as part of the supporting programme with about 30 presentations by experts from the exhibiting companies and specialists from the Mexican die-casting foundry industry. Current trends in the Mexican die-casting industry, such as the growing demand for mega-casting and solutions for electromobility, in addition to increasing concentration on sustainable manufacturing processes, were also discussed, alongside the challenges currently facing the industry. These include the shortage of qualified labour and the need for digitalization. Mexico’s aluminium industry association, IMEDAL, also arranged various business meetings as an opportunity for discussion with relevant business partners.

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Save the date: The next EUROGUSS MEXICO will be held in Guadalajara in parallel with the die-casting foundry fair GLOBAL FOUNDRY EXPO from 15 to 17 October 2025. A range of event formats in the various die-casting foundry clusters in Mexico are also planned. More information will follow soon.


NürnbergMesse is not just the organizer of EUROGUSS in Nuremberg (next event: 16-18.1.2024), but also sees itself as a trailblazer for companies seeking to access the key international foundry markets and bolster their business relationships. NürnbergMesse thus organizes the largest and most important die-casting trade fair in Asia, CHINA DIECASTING, held in Shanghai. ALUCAST in Chennai, India, offers exhibitors and visitors guidance in the growing Indian market. EUROGUSS MEXICO brings together the entire value chain for non-ferrous casting in Guadalajara. And the future EUROGUSS ASIA PACIFIC will round out the international product family, facilitating access for companies in the ASEAN countries.