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First Kurtz Ersa Casting Workshops in Mexico

Special events for automotive sector in Querétaro and Monterrey

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Since many years Kurtz Ersa is known as turnkey supplier for complete foundry solutions. Together with its partners FAT, Loramendi, StrikoWestofen and Mössner highest reliability and huge productivity increases while ensuring perfect quality can be achieved. In order to share the unique experiences resulting from these long term business relationships this May, the partners organized two workshops in Mexico. Goals of the workshop in Querétaro and Monterrey: establishing new contacts, networking with current customers, presenting new technologies and services. As the agenda has been mainly designed for participants from the automotive sector, many in Mexico located automotive companies sent their management and employees from R&D, planning and purchasing to the workshops. Nevertheless, some potential buyers from other industries did register, too, and took home valuable information – especially during small group works and plenty of time for individual talks.

The major topic in both locations: customised solutions for turnkey projects for chassis, structural and power-train part castings. In this, main process steps are sand preparation, core manufacturing, melting, casting, automated handling of casting processes and pre-processing.

Many prospective buyers took the opportunity and hold intensive discussions especially on the 2nd day of workshop about how to improve efficiency in their casting processes of complex cast parts. “Having a very well developed foundry industry, Mexico is one of the most important markets for Kurtz Foundry Machines.

For the production of suspension parts and engine blocks, the low pressure casting process is becoming increasingly important, especially in connection with sand cores. The main focus of the workshop was how to produce such parts in the future and how Kurtz can support the customer as a General Contractor. Obviously this message achieved its aim resulting in specific inquiries for new projects,” said Lothar Hartmann, General Manager Business Unit Foundry Machines at Kurtz GmbH.


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