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Even faster: Kurtz Trimming Press KPS 2000/25-12 SKT

Kurtz has been building trimming presses since 2009; in 2011 trimming presses with a sliding-tilting table were added, and in 2014 Kurtz launched the trimming press KPS 2000/25-12 SKT – the largest and fastest system on the market at that time. Up until now – because the current press, presented for the first time at the in-house fair, is setting new benchmarks and is even faster!

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There has been rapid development in the field of die casting over the past few years, which means in-cell trimming presses have become more and more important. Whereas in the past the die casting process was the crucial factor for possible cycle time, it is currently the trimming process.

To ensure the press is no longer “slowing” the cell down, Kurtz is now launching this new development on the market. Compared with the presses built in 2014, for example, the new high-speed press is twice as fast, in other words requires only half the cycle time, and outperforms all previous models from Kurtz and other manufacturers. But even if speed is becoming more and more important, this was not the only reason for the new development.

Kurtz realised many technical targets with the innovation press KPS 2000/25-12 SKT.

For example:
-Speed/cycle time
-Parallel movements
-Noise development/volume lower than 72 dB(A)
-Tool-less quick-changing system for trimming tools including automatic coupling of all media
-Condition monitoring
-Consumption measurement
-Maximum energy efficiency thanks to speed-controlled motor-pump drives
-Straightforward maintenance
-Intelligent machine controller
-Wizard function for guided operator activities e.g. tool change and maintenance
-Central position for all consumption media

Optimum access to components and during maintenance
The accessibility of the components for the operator and for maintenance work has been further improved. One highlight is the media cabinet, which has not only been attached outside the safeguard but also contains the pneumatic automatic control devices, as well as the central lubrication system and minimum quantity lubrication as options.

The maintenance platform surrounds the hydraulic unit from three sides so that all the fittings are easily accessible for servicing work. The new maintenance platform provides more room and space for tool changing, automation and the addition of gantries directly at the press, for example.

The hydraulic concept has been given a thorough makeover, performance and speed increased, energy consumption reduced. The press is equipped with a low-noise rotary drive with high torque, so that tools can be turned through 180° in a maximum of six seconds – despite the lower part of the tool weighing up to eight tonnes! Up to four consumers/rams can be actuated and moved at the same time. This allows real parallel movements to be carried out. Tool-less, fast and safe changing of the trimming tools is available as an optional automatic, safe clamping system. Equally, all media (hydraulic, electric, air, electrical signals) can be connected via multi-couplings. This makes work easier and the system safer, since incorrect coupling is thus impossible.

User-friendly wizard tool change
The newly developed wizard makes tool change easier – in other words the operator is guided step by step through the change process via the visualisation. The innovative user-friendly and web-based software interface makes machine analysis possible for both process engineers and maintenance staff. Thanks to the server-client solution, several users can access the machine at the same time, view data and operate the machine via tablets or other devices. The “condition monitoring” option allows the condition of the press to be monitored at all times, enabling possible stoppages or downtimes to be detected early and any resulting maintenance work to be planned, for high availability of the Kurtz press KPS 2000/25-12 SKT. Numerous sensors and monitoring devices are added to the process-related assemblies and components in order to retrieve the respective component status via software. Examples include leak detection, filter service lives, pressure monitoring and tool wear indicators.


With this generation of the KPS 2000/25-12 SKT, Kurtz is setting a further milestone in press history. Come and see for yourself at the EUROGUSS in Nuremberg, the international trade fair for die casting, from 16.01.–18.01.2018, hall 7A, stand 7A-650.

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