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Flexible production cells for automated processes: KUKA cell4_production

Highly flexible, modular in design, digitally networked and immediately ready for use – the new automation solution KUKA cell4_production. The underlying cell concept offers powerful functions in preconfigured packages.

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Automated production processes in the shortest time and with minimal effort
Unpack, connect and start using immediately – this simple credo associated with commonly used electronic devices now also applies to production processes in the manufacturing sector and the automotive industry.

With the new cell4_production series, KUKA presents preconfigured automation cells for a wide range of applications that can be put into operation quickly with minimal effort. The uniform KUKA standard ensures a harmonized global production environment and sustainably reduces service costs. In concrete terms, this means: global service, local support, integrated components and interfaces, worldwide delivery capability, and decades of expertise that goes into not only the cells themselves, but also into the consulting throughout the entire process.

"As a reliable partner, KUKA has always developed global automation standards to allow customers and partners to achieve intelligent and efficient automation." Michael Otto, Chief Sales Officer bei KUKA Robotics

Quickly available and space-saving: flexible manufacturing cells KUKA cell4_production
With the new production cells, KUKA offers everything from a single source: perfectly coordinated components and interfaces, a matching process package, training and service. Due to the use of preassembled components, the KUKA cell4_production cells can be delivered in a very short time. The modular structure and clearly defined interfaces also enable an extensive range of expansion options. Furthermore, the cells remain transportable and can be relocated within the production environment at any time. Each robot cell also has a compact footprint, saving valuable space in the production facility.

KUKA cell4_production offers attractive entry-level prices with low TCO
With the cell4_production cells, KUKA offers attractive entry-level prices and low total cost of ownership (TCO) in combination with a globally available servicing concept. “Due to the seamless integration into existing production processes and the flexible adaptability of our cell concept, we increase efficiency from the outset,” says Michael Otto. “Moreover, the constant digital acquisition of process data ensures that quality standards are maintained.”

Perform optimizations digitally
The flexible manufacturing cells are also available in KUKA.Sim Pro for simulating processes and programming robots. This allows, for example, cycle time analyses and optimizations to be carried out digitally with the aim of increasing uptime and increasing productivity. During this time, production can continue. The optimizations are transferred to the cell at a desired point of time and commissioned with minimal downtime.

"The KUKA cell4_production series is the next step for the manufacturing sector and the automotive industry to increasing productivity and efficiency without major integration effort"  Michael Otto, Chief Sales Officer bei KUKA Robotics


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