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Flow Control - measure the usage of release agent, air and concentrate in the spraying process

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Question: Do you know how much release agent, air or concentrate you are using per production cycle or even spray cycle?

Yes? Good, then you’re probably already using flow control measurement tools.

No? You should make use of flow control tools!


Did you know, that on the new ESM die spraying machines from Wollin, the flow sensor is installed directly on the horizontal unit of the machine? This sensor automatically tracks the flow of the used release agent, air or concentrate – reliable and fully automatic.

With the flow control tool you can e.g.:
- track the automatic flow measurement per cycle (and spray circuit)
- track the target / actual comparison of flow rate values
- get notified in case of deviation above the permissible value
- signal a cycle stop in case of deviation
… and much more.



For the concentrate, Wollin are using a flow meter that determines the flow volume of liquids with a non-contact measurement approach for conductive and non-conductive liquids.



All process values are either shown on the display of the flow sensor or, if paired with the PC3 control, on the display of the controller. With the PC3 control, the minimum and maximum quantity of release agent in liters can be defined for each circuit


For robot solutions, a stand-alone control device with an S7 control with up to 5 sensors can be integrated into the robot spraying process – 1-4 sensors for release agent and 1 sensor for concentrate.

The conclusion is simple: make your spraying work flow more efficient, economical and flexible by knowing how much release agent, air or concentrate per production cycle or spray cycle you are using.

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