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Industry Leading Aluminium Manufacturer A Journey that Created a Story

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Part of the multi-billion-dollar Hero group, Rockman Industries is a leading producer of automotive components such as two and four-wheeler alloy wheels, auto chains, die-cast components, and carbon composites. Incorporated in 1960 as a bicycle component manufacturer, Rockman has diversified into multiple businesses supplying products to world-leading OEMs and Tier 1 manufacturers. With its acquisition of Moldex Composites in 2017; subsequently renamed Rockman Advanced Composites; Rockman also supplies carbon composite parts to luxury Automotive, Motorsports, Aerospace, and various other industries.

Rockman serves its customers through strategically located facilities in auto clusters in the north, west, and south of India. Each of the facilities is designed for high quality and volumes, cumulatively converting over 240k+MT of aluminum annually. With over 100 HPDC, 200 GDC, 30 LPDC, and 450 CNC, VMC, and HMC machines, Rockman is a one-stop shop having all three casting processes (GDC, LPDC, and HPDC) with end-to-end capabilities including design, engineering, casting, machining, painting, and assembly. The combination of these technologies has empowered Rockman to build a vast portfolio of products and capabilities to suit every need. Rockman is the largest producer of two-wheeler alloy wheels and the fastest-growing four-wheeler alloy wheel manufacturer in India with an installed capacity of 16Mn+ and an FY24 projected capacity of 17Mn+ alloy wheels annually. In addition to its stronghold in casting, the company also manufactures motorcycle and industrial chains with an annual production capacity of 20Mn+ meters.

Rockman is currently focused on increasing its capacity across its various wheels, casting, and chain divisions in order to cater to its customers’ growing demand. It is Rockman’s constant endeavor to make its presence known in the export market with current focus, offices, and key account managers present across the US and Europe. Being technologically driven, Rockman’s investment in Industry 4.0 technologies with cloud processing enables it to achieve manufacturing excellence, increased productivity, and higher quality. Considering the rising trend in the automobile industry, Rockman has developed its capabilities to support the production of structural parts and other casting components. Leveraging years of expertise to produce high-quality products that meet global standards with benchmarked precision, reliability, and innovation, Rockman has made itself known as a trusted partner for all of its clients.

Key Facts - Procceses


  • India’s first hot metal transfer from alloying unit to shop floor

  • Annual processing capacity of 45,000 tons of aluminium casting

  • Casting components as heavy as 6.5 kg

  • Daily production of over 1,80,000 components

  • Over 103 HPDC machines from 250T-1250T, expanding 1650/1800T

  • Processing more than 12 types of alloys


  • In house core manufacturing

  • Annual processing capacity of 10,000 tons of aluminium casting

  • Over 27 LPDC machines

  • Daily production of over 27,000 components.

  • In-house facility for T6 Heat Treatment

  • Porosity inspection using state-of-the-art X-Ray

  • Inspection with 3D CT capabilities

  • 4 Wheeler Alloy wheel +Parts Manufacturing


  • Integrated manufacturing facility for GDC parts

  • Over 152 GDC machines

  • Annual processing capacity of 50,000 tons of aluminium casting

  • Largest 2 Wheeler Alloy wheel Manufacturing

Post Processing Capabilities

  • Precison Machining

  • Surface Treatment | Liquid Paint Shop

  • Assembly shop 

Product Range:

Casting Products --> Alloy Wheels (2W, e-2W & 4W) | Housing, Cases, Covers (Complete Range of HPDC, LPDC & GDC Products)

Automotive Chains --> Drive Chains & Cam Chains | Two-Wheeler Chains and Cam Chains

E V Housings & Structural Parts --> Aluminum Housing Components | Battery Housing, Transmission Housing, Motor Housing, Heat Sink and ECU case

Four Wheeler Product Range:

  • Servo Motor Housing

  • Cover Cylinder Head

  • Cylinder Block

  • Pan Oil Upper

  • Electronic Throttle Body

  • Transmission Housings

  • Alloy Wheels

  • Flange housing, VOP housing and cover & ETB

  • Shift Fork Assemblies

  • Fuel Pump, Water Pump Housings

  • EPS Motor Housing

  • ECU Housing

  • Brake System Parts

Two Wheeler Product Range

  • Crank Cases

  • Fuel Pump Housings

  • Aluminium Alloy Wheels

  • Engine Housings and Covers

  • Chains

  • Drum Brake Assy.

  • Swing Arms

  • Casted Frame Parts

  • ECU Covers

  • Cylinder Heads

Parts Specific to EV Industry

  • Motor Housing

  • Heat Sink

  • Motor Mounting Frame

  • Side Frame Part

  • Rear Frame part

  • Swing Arm

Contact Persons: 

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Company Info

Rockman Industries Ltd.

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Telephone: +91 11 4327 0701 – 04