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Foundry of Excellence – SCM Fonderie s.r.l.

The SCM Foundry specialises in the production of castings in grey iron and ductile iron from 100 to 5,000 kg, starting with the single piece right up to the small, medium series.

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Castings are produced for a vast range of applications, in the following industrial sector at the plant at Villa Verucchio, in the province of Rimini: Gear Motors, Plants and Machinery, Centrifugal Pumps, Compressors, Earth movement and agriculture, Engines, Railways and the Nautical Industry.

From product conception to production

The exceptional level of production flexibility means a wide range of products, even high tech ones, can be produced, including: motor bases, motor heads, gearboxes, gearbox casing, planetary gear carriers, hydraulic cylinders, pump units, hydraulic units, sumps, cable drums, cylinders and compressor units for technical gases.

The foundry also acts as a reliable partner at the co-engineering phase, rapid prototyping and product start-up of high tech, top quality parts.

The mission

Boosted by its 70 years of work experience, the SCM Foundry has always regarded quality, safety and respect for the environment as strategic..
The SCM Foundry has a production capacity which can reach 12,000 tons per year, employs 70 workers and boasts a strong presence on the market with a clientele which includes dozens of leading European companies in various industrial fields.  
The SCM Foundry's most positive aspects are its continuous investment in R&D and ability to work alongside the customer from the outset, from the product conception stage to design, prototyping and production engineering. A truly solid, reliable partner capable of providing machined, assembled and tested products ready to be fitted. Furthermore, thanks to collaboration with a network of highly specialised Italian foundries, the Foundry can also offer a technical-commercial procurement service of castings which do not fall within the weight and size bracket suited to their plants.

ISO DIN-Certifications etc.