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Kuhn Special Steel sets international benchmarks as a supplier of ready-to-install key components. Founded in 1960, the company is today one of the leading suppliers of centrifugal castings thanks to its top-quality standards and long experience. Customers from all over the world place their trust in Kuhn Special Steel.

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From initial idea to ready-to-fit component

Kuhn Special Steel is able to aid its customers in the design, alloy selection and selection of casting process for their products. This starts with the selection of the right materials and continues with the design and configuration of the components concerned, the production of high-quality centrifugal castings and the precision machining.

High-performance materials

Many of the stainless-steel components of Kuhn Special Steel are subjected to extreme environments. That´s why the focus on alloy families used is characterized by their corrosion resistance, wear resistance, heat resistance or any combination of all three. While the team of Kuhn Special Steel pours over 400 different alloys, they are constantly striving to develop new materials to meet their customers’ ever evolving design criteria.

High-quality, durable, flawless - stainless-steel components from a single casting

Kuhn Special Steel manufactures exclusively with the centrifugal casting process. This production process guarantees the maximum purity of the material. Mechanical and technological characteristics are comparable with forged quality and clearly superior to static castings.

With the latest machines and flexible solutions

Machining and manufacturing equipment constitutes one of the world’s biggest manufacturing facilities to operate in conjunction with a centrifugal casting foundry. Whether customers need them to manufacture individual components based on their own drawings, or manufacture production runs involving large numbers of items, Kuhn Special Steel has a solution ready.

Caring for the environment

Returns, chips and other scrap debris from the production process are sorted by material and level of purity, before being cleaned, weighed to the nearest gram and remelted. With a major investment in a large photovoltaic system and many other programs to reduce CO2 emissions and save energy, Kuhn Special Steel is pursuing the long-term goal of climate-neutral production at its site in Germany.

More than 40 different markets

High-performance key components from Kuhn Special Steel are used wherever there is a need for reliability, quality and especially durability. The range of applications of their components is virtually unlimited and runs from corrosion-resistant decanter components to valve-seat rings made of nickel-based alloy.

Stronger together

Kuhn Special Steel is part of Kuhn Industrie Holding. This corporate group brings together all the competence, experience and know-why of technology-leading organisations in the centrifugal casting sector.

As a leader in the centrifugal casting industry, Kuhn Special Steel does not just track current developments; it drives them forward at its own initiative. Ever since the company was founded, it has been developing and designing centrifugal casting machines tailored to its specific needs. Since 2020, Kuhn Special Steel has been even more strongly positioned in this area. The company kuhn.innovation, also a member of the Kuhn Industrie Holding, supports the automation and digitalization of the group's foundries with 8 experts in the fields of mechanical and electrical design and also optimizes production in terms of machine safety and energy efficiency.

ISO DIN-Certifications etc.

We are certified in accordance with:

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 50001
  • AD 2000 WO
  • PED 2014-68-EU
  • ISO 3834
  • Lloyd´s Register
  • DNV
  • ABS
  • DIN 2303


Company Info

Klaus Kuhn Edelstahlgießerei GmbH

Otto-Hahn-Straße 12–14
42477 Radevormwald

Telephone: +49 2195 671 0