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Foundry of the Week: GIENANTH Group

ONE OF THE WORLD’S BEST FOUNDRIES: as THE One-Stop-Shop for Iron Cast Parts “Made in Germany”, GIENANTH Group guarantees highest precision, rentability and reliability.


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  • Material Development with highest Standards and modern Technology
  • Technical Construction – cost- & production-oriented
  • Model Making and Core Construction with ultra complex geometries
  • Raw Parts in large-volume production and in individual small series
  • Measurement Technology and Testing Processes
  • Mechanical conditioning
  • Spare Parts supply

GIENANTH Group stands in the forefront and offers broad fulfillment
From the very first technical idea to the finished and mountable assembly, the production of our highly individual products at GIENANTH in every step of the project is based on leading German engineering expertise, technological lead, outstanding manufacturing know-how and long-term experiences lasting for centuries.

GIENANTH's production stands out in two iron casting procedures: Hand-mold casting and Machine-mold casting in the materials lamellar graphite cast iron (GJL), compacted graphite cast iron (GJV), Spheroidal graphite cast iron (SG iron); the in-house combination of both procedures allows us to provide an incomparably broad product.

Production Lines
The Machine-mold casting product line features mostly automated casting components and assemblies for the automotive industry. In this product line, we offer mass production of construction parts in a weight-range from 0.5 kg to 20 kg. Examples for assemblies are balance shafts, break housings, brake plates, screw collars, oil pump casings, crankshaft bearing caps, disc flywheels, hubs and many more.

The Hand-mold casting product line features individual large cast parts for on-site engine building and mechanical engineering and mainly the casting of motor blocks and cylinder heads for the heavy duty engines segment, ranging from 0.5 to. to 12 to. per product.

GIENATH GROUP is leading the markets with cutting-edge technologies, production techniques and highest process competence in BLUE CASTING by offering strong and reliable solutions: sustainable, eco-friendly, competitive, safe.

In 2015, our foundry network was been bought by Deutsche Beteiligungs AG.

Our production site in Eisenberg/Pfalz proudly looks back on a lasting history of more than 280 years; our production site in Fronberg/Bayern finds is origins as early as in the year 1449.

Both sites combined bring an annual capacity of over 100.000 tons p.a. and since 2010, more than 50 mio. EUR were invested in innovations and technological modernization. Our customer base consists of renowned companies from the automotive branch, as well as the heavy duty engines and industry sectors.

Today’s success, with an annual turnover of 130 mio. EUR, is based on know-how gathered over centuries by our highly motivated 800 employees and on the technical lead in all our casting processes. Always in focus: the best product and customized solutions for our clients.


Our two foundries in Eisenberg and Fronberg are looking back on a long history. Over the centuries, as the earliest offspring of German industry, they have been and still are playing major roles for the region and the world markets, consistently setting the bars for the industrial sector.

Innovation is the key to success. May this be – in an era of ecological responsibility – cutting-edge casting techniques for motor blocks of walls as thin as 6mm or have this been a century ago, when Gienanth establishes a corporate health insurance long time before Bismarck enacted corresponding laws: Gienanth always acts foresightful, flexible, sustainable and assuming its social responsibility.

It is part of our DNA to detect challenges and chances very early, to minimize risks accordingly and to pro-actively design the company’s fortune and therewith the wealth of all our employees.

Today, Gienanth is one of the world’s leading suppliers for iron cast products.

Our production performs with highest quality and 100percent delivery reliability. In doing so, we are not only providing products but real partnership for our clients during the entire process. As early as in the stage of designing new and innovative iron cast parts, we can propose significant momentum to the development. We can assure to mold your idea into a fully functioning concept. By prototyping, there will be proof of the core value, that is the input of our extremely experienced experts focusing on cost- and production-optimized iron cast parts.

Our company history is closely connected to the family history of the von Gienanth clan. It is until today, that this strong heritage can be recognized throughout our corporate culture.

Social engagement for our employees and their families, responsibility in education, training and regional promotion, cosmopolitanism in the Palatinate’s heart and future-orientation of a very traditional branch of the industry – those are the roots of our success, already grown in the 18th century.


Company Info

Gienanth Group GmbH

Ramsener Str. 1
67304 Eisenberg (Pfalz)

Telephone: +49 6351 408-0