A new era of Gienanth’s long history has just begun. As an enterprise rich in tradition, the Palatine Iron Foundry expands internationally with three new companies located in Europe, giving an abundantly clear signal for the market.

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With the closing this deal, Gienanth takes over three production sites in Austria an Czechia, whilst all of them, as well as the sites of the yet existing foundry group in Germany will continue to produce high quality iron cast parts as ever. The acquisition will reconcile existing competences to a much broader production and service portfolio under the roof of Gienanth Group GmbH – especially in the segment of automated iron casting on horizontal molding lines and furthermore for outstanding competence in further treatment of iron cast parts, from chipping to coating and painting to logistics services.

The Gienanth Group will hold the following three new companies additionally to the headquarter of Gienanth GmbH in Eisenberg/Pfalz and the hand moulding site Fronberg Guss in Bavaria:

  • The machine molding iron foundry SLR-Gusswerk II Betriebsgesellschaft m.b.H., located in Steyr, Austria – future GIENANTH Steyr Guss GmbH
  • The metalworking company SLR-Metallbearbeitungs-Gesellschaft m.b.H., located in Steyr, Austria – future GIENANTH Steyr MBA GmbH
  • The metalworking company SLR-CZECHIA s.r.o. located in Kaplice/Bujanov, Czechia – future GIENANTH Czechia s.r.o.

The combination of the two groups under the Gienanth Group creates one of the leading iron foundry enterprises in the German speaking parts of Europe and beyond.

The notarial contract of sale was signed by the two sides on July, 27th 2018, with closing on September, 1st 2018.

Dr. Hans-Jürgen Brenninger, CEO Gienanth Group: „I am deeply convinced by this step for many reasons: We are entering entire new markets with our new competences. This will further stabilize the growth of our enterprise. And – even more important – we always seek to expand our range of products and services for the benefits of our clients to provide them with the best solutions in the market. Said this, our new plants in Austria and Czechia are the perfect extension to what we produce in Germany.”

Thomas Brunck, Chairman of the Works Council: „Gienanth needs permanent and international growth to guarantee for long term job security on a local basis. We’re expecting positive effects on order situations and therewith for the employment in all our production sites.”

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