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At Gienanth we bear responsibility for the future. Our company's strong tradition challenges us to innovate as we move forward: for our employees, for our company and for our region.

Listed buildings on our company premises that have been empty for many years have been filled with new life and new meaning, as they now form the heart of our Gienanth Academy.

Activities were given the green light at the beginning of 2018 - with the approval to gut the former workers' quarters located at the company's Eisenberg headquarters opposite the distinguished mansion, six months of intensive construction work began in mid-2018, making the impossible possible:

In just half a year, Gienanth created a new, state-of-the-art training workshop covering a total of 500 square metres for the diverse apprenticeships offered at the Eisenberg location, including: Foundry engineer, Industrial mechanic, Electronics technician, Modeller, and Industrial clerk.

The two parts of the building were completely gutted in the extensive renovation of the historic monument. These parts consisted of the front house facing the courtyard and the pond from the first half of the 19th century and the attached rear area from the second half of the 19th century. In addition, a new floor slab with approximately 10 tons of reinforcing steel was installed in the 400 square-metre workshop area. The exterior facades have been left intact to preserve the charm of the historic exterior walls in consonance with the manor house.

A modern building infrastructure was created inside, with new toilets and washrooms, heating, electrical supply and lighting concept. Two of the former workers' quarters located at the rear, which were used until the 2000s, have been faithfully preserved and renovated in their original layout: This area, totalling 100 square metres, is now home to the new offices and social rooms.

All of the relevant authorities, trades and stakeholders were involved in the planning and implementation of the project at an early stage. This is where the project manager, Simon W. Geib, sees the key to its success:

"Thanks to excellent collaboration with the contracted construction companies as well as the always collegial coordination with all of the involved authorities and stakeholders here in the company, all of the necessary pieces came together smoothly. With a total investment volume of around 1 million euros, this was the only way we were able to implement this ambitious project on time and to sustainably secure vocational training at the Eisenberg location."

There are about 40 young people currently in training (as of February 2018), five of whom are enjoying the advantages of the technically and highly professional training company at Gienanth as external apprentices in a combined training network with five companies from the Donnersbergkreis and Leininger Land regions. In addition, the combined training will be strengthened with new opportunities as there has been such a large number of inquiries about the program.

The training company, including its machinery, materials and staff, was able to move from its previous premises to the new training workshop as early as the beginning of December. This logistical mammoth of a task could only have been accomplished with the committed performance of all of the project staff, and even the trainees themselves, with their active and meticulous assistance.

This made the results of the 2019 journeyman examinations all the more respectable and remarkable: Our examinees were the best of all of the industrial mechanics in the country again this year! Once again, it has proved apparent that Gienanth's highly qualified, extremely hands-on and individually supervised specialist training leaves the nationwide competition - even from large corporations - far behind in terms of content.

With the inauguration of the new training workshop by Minister-President Malu Dreyer on 22 February 2019, the company has reached yet another milestone on the journey to the future GIENANTH ACADEMY. The Gienanth academy's concept combines the comprehensive and strategic training and continuing education concept, various training collaborations with regional partners, offers of specialist courses and industry workshops with offers for dual study courses, academic research collaborations and innovative knowledge management into an integrated life-long learning concept.

"Our vision for the Gienanth Academy is now becoming a reality. I would like to offer my sincere thanks to all of the supporters and, above all, our employees, who have made this project a reality and I can proudly say that the training at Gienanth in Rhineland-Palatinate is one of the best of its kind," says Hans-Jürgen Brenninger, Chair of the Gienanth Group Management.

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