IT - Gefond is pleased to announce the new partnership with Laserax Industrial Laser Solutions for the Automotive Industry

Laserax, a young, dynamic and ambitious company has chosen Gefond as its exclusive partner for Italy.

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GEFOND believed in this new challenge and started a commercial partnership with Laserax. Laserax produces lasers for industrial marking. Initially created to support the needs of metal traceability in foundries, laser machines are now used in the entire automotive supply. Laserax has become the global automotive supplier of solutions that require high performance and reliable readability.

The driving force of Laserax is to push the limits of laser technology by focusing on improving quality, reducing costs and optimizing production processes for the automotive industry. The goal is to improve traceability standards through constant innovation. Innovative laser marking technology pushes traceability options to another level that was previously inaccessible.


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