Generating and Sharing Knowledge through international Frame Works

AZTERLAN, WFO, CAEF and tabira Meeting in Bilbao

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Promoting international cooperation space European experts from different fields in the foundry industry have met in Bilbao.

Follow the protagists` key messages in the video:

“Participation in international frame works provides a lot of value”, Dr. Susana Méndez, Director of Foundry Technologies at AZTERLAN METALLURGY RESEARCH CENTER

“Recently we are facing so many global problems in the foundry industry and we are looking for common solutions”, José Javier Gonzáles General Secretary at TABIRA FOUNDRY INSTITUTE

“To solve the problems, we have also to come back to personal meetings”, Dr. Carsten Kuhlgatz President (2022 – 2024) WFO WORLD FOUNDRY ORGANIZATION

“We are very good in technical solutions and fascinating in details, but we could be better in true entrepreneur spirit”, Dr. Fynn Lohe CAEF EUROPEAN FOUNDRY ASSOCIATION



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