The 74th World Foundry Congress

"Cast the Future" October 16 - 20, 2022 BEXCO, Busan, Republic of Korea

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In October 2022, Busan in Korea will be the venue of the 74th World Foundry Conference. The event has been postponed to 2022 for corona reasons and should be able to take place without any problems according to the current situation.

Let's hope that everything works out on the way there.

Make a note of the date and the keynote lectures, submit your own lectures and start thinking now about how you can enrich the international foundry family and contribute your impulses.

The slogan of the conference "Cast the Future" is embodied with the following programs for the revitalization of foundry for the post pandemic era.

Diagnosis (Special Report Session) "COVID Foundry Report"

Wednesday 19th October | Session Hall
Presentations: Current foundry status analysis and strategic planning of each registered country 
Moderators: Dong Eung Kim and Thomas Gaowei

Vision (Special Panel Session) "Cast the Future"

Tuesday 18th October | Main Hall
Lecture on Past: Ancient Future
" Development history of cast irons" by Doru M. Stefanescu
Lecure on Future: Habitual Past
"Post pademic strategy of foundry" by Sangmok Lee (The chairman of the conference)

Q & A and Discussion by the WFO recommended Invited panelists
Moderators: Andrew Turner and Jose Javier Gonzalez of the WFO

Mission Special Stundet/Company's Session "Sustainable Foundrymen's Growth"

TBD | Session Hall
Topic 6 (Student/Company) Sub-sessions
Leader: Hee Soo Kim

Tpoics and Scopes

1. Material ( Ferrous, Non-Ferrous, Composite, New Materials, Mold and Core, etc.)
2. Science (Solidification, Simulation, Direct Observation, etc.)
3. Technology (Continuos Casting, Foundry Technology, Die Castig, Qualtiy Control, etc.)
4. Foundry Issues (Energy & Eviroment, Ecology, Strategy, Education, Safety, etc.)
5. Smart Foundry (3D Printing, AI Foundry, Digitalization, etc.)
6. Student / Company Presentation (Any Subject / Introduction of Company) (Product and Technology, etc.)
* Special Mission Session: Sustainable Foundrymen's Growth

Call for Abstract

We welcome you to contribute to the most up-to-date research and latest developments form around the world.
We will be looking for submissions that highlight new and unqiue scientific methods form the areas of steel technologies.

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