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Sinto aligns itself with the market of tomorrow by integrating inspectomation systems GmbH

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Laempe Mössner Sinto, the world leader in core-making 
technology, is systematically pursuing its  digitization strategy and continuing to strengthen its competences for industry 4.0 in-house. With the integration of inspectomation systems GmbH in Mannheim (Germany), the engineering company Laempe now has a wholly-owned subsidiary that has been developing a highly respected special competence in the field of automatic visual inspection for more than 20 years.

"We are aligning ourselves with the market of tomorrow. In addition to the further improvement of in-house processes and ultimately also of production periods, especially the improvement and expansion of our products and services on the basis of technological innovations are strengths with which we can already particularly score with foundries," explains Andreas Mössner, Managing Director of Laempe Mössner Sinto. "We are pleased that the former inspectomation GmbH has now found a new home under our roof. Together, we can not only offer our customers core-manufacturing solutions, but at the same time enable a meaningful examination of the cores."

For Laempe Mössner Sinto, the automatic visual inspection is another important component on the way to becoming a full-range supplier of core-making with integrated quality assurance. It eliminates the need for manual inspections and provides around-the-clock, objective, reliable and reproducible high-quality testing. Many existing inspectomation customers, such as Brembo, Eisenwerk Bruehl, First Automotive Works (FAW), Fritz Winter Foundry, GF Casting Solutions, Nemak, Volkswagen, ZF Friedrichshafen, already rely on the inspection solutions.

The central product of inspectomation is the robust "CORE-VISION®" system, which is often used in core shops and moulding plants. It inspects cores, core assemblies and molds 100% inline without cycle time extension and can detect even the smallest errors through shadow modulation. CORE-VISION® can be connected to the control of the production line via common interfaces and fieldbuses. Customers can individually define which errors lead to an alarm or a system stop. The "CORE-VISION STATISTICS" add-on module stores all test cycles and results in a database and provides an optimal basis for further improving the manufacturing quality.

CORE-VISION® is already integrated in several of Laempe's core production lines. It is now being progressively developed and also serves as the basis for future innovative products and system solutions.

In addition, inspectomation offers an automatic three-dimensional visual inspection: The "3DFLEXINSPECTOR" was developed in intensive collaboration of foundry, IT and quality assurance experts. The inspection tool obtains three dimensional data using laser triangulation. Its speed and accuracy is based on the most modern camera and IT technology, and its flexibility is enhanced by market-leading robotics. Within the freely definable tolerance limits, the 3DFLEXINSPECTOR detects quality-related defects such as cold shots, parting line defects, blockages through core breakage, fins, sand inclusions, damage due to incorrect handling or machining and more. It measures distances, diameters, height differences and other geometric data, can recognize and store relief fonts. The portfolio also includes vent and surface inspection of vented brake discs: "DISC-INSPECTOR®" is a high-precision solution that has been used by the automotive supplier industry to test millions of brake discs for casting defects.

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