Aalen Foundry Colloquium with contributions from BMW, Volkswagen, Handtmann and many others on the topic of "Innovations in die casting" from lightweight construction to gigacasting and microspraying.

Date: 04 and 05 May 2023 at HS Aalen in the Audimax

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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Lothar H. Kallien and his team at the University of Applied Sciences Aalen have put together a highly interesting program with renowned speakers for the first half of 2023.

Under the theme Innovations in Die Casting, you will receive the latest information, research results and the opportunity to exchange ideas with the die casting experts on site.

And here you can find the program:

Aalen Foundry Colloquium 2023 Thursday, 04.05.2023

14.00 Welcome and opening of the Table Top Exhibition Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Harald Riegel, Rector of Aalen University Prof. Dr.-Ing. Lothar H. Kallien

14.15 Start of the lectures Intelligent lightweight construction through the use of cast components Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Sammer, Dr. Thomas Kopp, BMW AG, Landshut

14.45 New developments and new challenges at Volkswagen Dipl.-Ing. Mirco Wöllenstein, Volkswagen AG, Kassel

15.15 Alloys & sustainability: Innovation in die casting Dipl.-Ing. Denis Hopp, Dr. Katharina Faerber, Albert Handtmann Metallgusswerk GmbH & Co. KG, Biberach/Riss

15.45 Coffee break and trade exhibition

16.30 TANDEM casting of structural components in die casting: a concrete example Dipl.-Ing. Roberto Trevisan, Vetimec, I-Calderara di Reno

17.00 Rheocasting and die casting for lightweight construction M.Sc. Fabian Hofstätter, SAG Innovation GmbH, A-Lend

17.30 Short presentations by exhibitors

19.00 Foundry evening with dinner in the foundry laboratory

Friday, 05.05.2023 08.00 Coffee and Table Top Exhibition

08.45 Activities of BDGuss in the field of die casting Dr. Achim Keidies, BDGuss, Düsseldorf

09.15 Energy-efficient die casting by micro-spraying Martin Lutz, Wollin GmbH, Lorch

09.45 Semi-solid processing using GISS technology Tommaso Botter, Mambretti Tech, I-Ceggia

10.15 Coffee break and exhibition

11.00 Gigacasting: Savings in spraying release agents Dr. Jochen Caster, Quaker Houghton Sales B.V., Dortmund Current and new research topics at Aalen University:

11.30 ZiBe3: Hydrogen and the coat ability of zinc die casting M.Sc. Christos Mangos Sand cores in die casting - a new DFG project with utg of TU Munich M.Sc. Max Schütze Hybrid components made of CFRP and die casting alloys M.Sc. Daniel Schwarz Indrutec-E: Lightweight construction with die casting M.Sc. Max Schütze Magnesium activities of the foundry laboratory Dipl.-. Ing. Thomas Weidler Zynk-Guss, a new project to investigate the cyclic properties of zinc die casting M.Sc. Christos Mangos Update on the production of hollow component structures in die casting by gas injection M.Sc. Florian Mäuser

13.30 Lunch together

14.30 End of the event

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