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Is this for real? Yes! Now, every foundry can be a DISA foundry

Breaking News...DISA launches new DISAMATIC C3

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After several successful implementations throughout China and India, Danish-based DISA Industries now launches its new DISAMATIC C3 globally in a targeted effort to bring affordable and flexible entry-level vertical moulding to small and midsized foundries worldwide. All sales and support will be handled locally to ensure fast interaction and close onsite proximity on the respective markets.

The DISAMATIC C3 is a vertical, greensand moulding system for production of a wide range of grey, ductile and other metal castings in multiple sizes and both cored and un-cored. It has been specifically designed to meet the needs and requirements of small and midsized foundries, looking for a higher return on a lower investment.

Accumulating knowledge to deliver impressive results

The results are already impressive: After introducing the entry-level vertical moulding machine, including both an automatic mould conveyor system and an automatic core setter as part of its basic equipment, more than 15 machines have been sold on the Indian market since January 2016 and subsequently since May 2016 on the Chinese market.

“The global rollout of the DISAMATIC C3 builds on our accumulated knowledge from the Chinese and Indian markets. It is a machine that addresses and fully meets the needs of the small and midsized foundries everywhere, boosting both capacity and efficiency, and making up-to-date, affordable and quality casting production available to everyone”, explains Bo Wolff Haugboelle, General Product Manager at DISA.

A turning point for small and midsized foundries – and for DISA

Being renowned for its world-class engineering, it is no secret that DISA is traditionally known for making solutions available to foundries requiring both very high capacity and very high speed. The DISAMATIC C3 has proved a turning point for a number of small floor moulding foundries in India and China, as the affordable and accessible vertical moulding machine – being dedicated specifically to their type of foundries – has allowed them to convert from existing jolt squeeze or manual process to an automated vertical moulding process, enabling a relatively fast production of high-integrity moulds with low mismatch and minimal finishing costs.

The DISAMATIC C3 incorporates many of the leading technologies developed by DISA in a determined attempt to make the DISAMATIC innovations available to foundries of every size, everywhere in the world. In consequence, the DISAMATIC C3 is DISA’s way of addressing the challenges of the small and midsized foundries head-on.

Going head-to-head with market segment pains in a winning battle

“We have seen how this particular market segment in both India and China struggles to obtain sufficient and qualified labour. We know that many small and midsized foundries have limited resources to invest in new moulding technology. We are aware that they fight to offer their customers a consistent casting quality due to their manual processes. And we know that they need local support”, Bo Wolff Haugboelle says, before emphasizing that the DISAMATIC C3 will help change all of that.

“The DISAMATIC C3 is a machine designed to offer maximum capacity at minimum investment, delivering a high ROI over a long service life – even in cases where capacity is not fully utilized. Its automated systems not only produce accurate and consistent high quality castings, but are also based on straightforward principles, allowing generally skilled labour to handle all operation and maintenance in a safe working environment. Additionally, the DISAMATIC C3 is supported by on-site, local resources, offering to help maximise complete foundry performance at all times – all of whom are backed-up by the global DISA network and support team, if so needed”.

“So whichever way you choose to look at it – and irrespective of foundry size – the introduction of the DISAMATIC C3 allows every foundry to be a DISA foundry. It is the DISAMATIC for everyone”, concludes Bo Wolff Haugboelle, General Product Manager at DISA.

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