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Italpresse: Another case history about the two-platen machine

The owners of Fonderia BASSOLI of Luzzara, Italy tell about the improvements of the new Italpresse technology: more production, less absorbed energy, less oil heat, less noise, less or no burs, less maintenance.

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Foundry Bassoli was established in Luzzara near Reggio Emilia, Italy, in the early Sixties. Initially it was a gravity foundry, with the most manual and  rudimental methods, and then step by step, it turned into a die casting shop while diecasting technology was developing at the same time.

Within the family of the founders Franco Bassoli became a skilled toolmaker, while his brother Bruno took care of the sales: for any company the winning mixture is putting together technical skills, deep knowledge of the products, and the ability to promote such expertise to the potential customers. Since the beginning products quality and customer satisfaction have always been the guidelines of Bassoli.

Bassoli brothers soon understood that the man alone could reduce productivity: therefore they turned each machine into an automatic working cell, first with an auto-ladle, then with a reciprocator and finally with a robot. Fonderia Bassoli has also added a shop of machine tooling in order to grant the castings and the customers more added value. The operating machines are today 22, all Italpresse while the Bassoli new generations have recently joined the fathers in the company: the sons are adding new passion and motivation to the original experience.

The company was born as a toolmaker: for this reason Franco Bassoli holds the competence to stress that “Italpresse produces robust and high precision machines, able to be used up to the declared limit, with no worry about machine stops”. And then he adds that: “shot end is very performing, it gives a high quality level”.

Always very keen on machine technology, in year 2007 the Bassoli installed a two platen machine model TF 1000. The machine was performing well but, since in the shop there was no toggle machine with the same tonnage, at that time it was difficult to spot the difference and the potential advantages of the new model.

But after a while Bassoli brothers realize that, with the same die, at the end of the day the casting boxes always collected 5% more of good castings than the ones produced with the same die on a conventional machine. Then they realized that the energy consumption was lower, many parts don’t have burs and are well shaped, even with dies at the end of their life. All such results convinced Bassoli brothers to replace a 750 ton toggle machine with a new two platens TF 800. With this machine they eventually and clearly understood the real difference, as they could compare apple with apple: in fact they could prove that the absorbed energy was even lower, good castings were at least 5% more than usual, all the parts were ok, maintenance was close to zero, oil was heating up less, the heat exchanger worked less and the noise level was reduced.

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