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Kurtz POWerBoard: More performance for the entire system!

The digitization and networking of components, machines and complex systems lead to a significant increase in productivity under the keyword Industry 4.0. As a leading supplier of foundry machines, Kurtz GmbH offers its customers intelligent solutions to enhance process reliability and increase speed and quality of service.

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Resource and energy efficiency in production is a major challenge for many foundries. Many sub-processes in production are controlled individually, intelligent networking is usually lacking. Processes such as melting, melt preparation, furnace level detection, the actual casting are carried out manually, not centrally controlled and supervised. This is where the Kurtz POWerBoard comes in as a dynamic control tool and recognizes influencing variables and optimizes the overall process. A practical example is machine monitoring, an application for real-time monitoring of relevant machine and process data. This involves recourse to machine sensors and other measuring systems that enable the current status of all production sites worldwide to be monitored from any location. In addition to the pure status display, the POWerBoard visualizes current key figures including deviations in comparison to predefined limit values.

Another example is remote service, which allows to eliminate any faults as quickly as possible. The Kurtz Remote Service is the safe way for remote diagnosis and fast first aid: via the gateway, the Kurtz service technician starts detailed troubleshooting, diagnosis and correction. In the event of malfunctions, customers receive targeted real-time support, which, in addition to diagnosis, can also already lead to fault correction.

Kurtz GmbH uses the industry standard OPC-UA for communication and data exchange in the field of industrial automation. The Connect Gateway (Edge Device) and Central Management System guarantee secure, standardized connectivity between Kurtz systems and the outside world – including communication between cloud, applications and customer systems. The Edge Device processes the measurement data and information obtained and transfers it securely to the Kurtz Ersa Cloud or, optionally, directly to the customer's systems. Intelligent solutions and functions in offline operation are also possible. The servers used by Kurtz GmbH meet all requirements for data redundancy, backup strategies, permanent availability of the acquired data and scalable performance of the respective structures.

The Kurtz POWerBoard stands for the increase in overall equipment effectiveness OEE. It is achieved, for example, through more efficient utilization and increased machine productivity, fewer unplanned machine downtimes, improved casting quality and increased service speed. When will you use the POWerBoard to increase the performance of your overall plant?