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Magaldi Group - the world’s leading manufacturer of steel belt conveyors for the transportation of materials in severe conditions – has officially started a new adventure with the establishment of a branch office in the US, aiming at consolidating the Company's presence with Made in Italy technologies.

Magaldi Technologies LLC, the newly established subsidiary, has its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. It will support the Power and Industries corporate sectors and it will be the hub for the Canadian and Mexican markets.

In the Power sector, Magaldi Technologies LLC will provide the most advanced solutions to improve the efficiency of coal-fired power plants and turn all the combustion solid waste into environmentally-friendly products.

For the Industries sector, it will focus on Steel plants, foundries, metal recycling plants, Waste-to-energy, biomass and mineral processing plants.

Magaldi is already present in North America with the supply of its flagship products: the MAC® (Magaldi Ash Cooler®, a dry bottom ash system to handle, cool and transport bottom ashes from coal-fired boilers without the usage of any water) and the Superbelt® (a patented steel belt conveyor able to convey hot, abrasive and heavy materials in extreme conditions).
Currently, there are 66 Magaldi systems already installed in North America: 40 in US (38 Superbelt and 2 MAC), 22 in Mexico (18 Superbelt and 4 MAC) and 4 in Canada (3 Superbelt and 1 MAC).

Mario Magaldi, President of Magaldi Group, referred to the opening of the new subsidiary as an "additional and crucial step towards the realization of an increasingly global dimension of the Company." The Magaldi technologies “will meet new application fields, proving once again to be the best available technologies for the transportation of materials in severe condition, in a perspective of maximum environmental protection."

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