MAGMASOFT® Webinar: How to analyse and solve casting defects in MAGMASOFT® HPDC

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Essentially for the High Pressure Die Casting process (HPDC), the castings have to co-exist better with imperfections and anomalies compared to the other casting process.

However quality requirement and complexity of HPDC parts has been dramatically increased over the years, imposing big challenges for HPDC foundries to reach high quality standard in a production process with a high number of influencing process parameters.

The first step to solve a casting defect is to discover the root cause of it. After that, it will be possible to identify and select the right project or process parameters that influences the final casting quality.
In this webinar, you will learn how to analyse the root cause of the most common defects with the aim of MAGMASOFT® and how we can evaluate process robustness with Autonomous Engineering.

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