Metal Transport for Aluminum Foundries

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INSURAL Dosing furnace lining

Foseco offers new insulating material for dosing furnaces in aluminium foundries.

The use of energy efficient dosing furnaces in Aluminium foundries is seen by many as the best available technology today. Foseco is now able to supply a new multi-part and highly insulating lining made of INSURAL, which is delivered ready to install and combines energy savings with long service life and resistance to oxide build-up.

Installation can be made in 3 days with no ongoing hydrogen issues and due to a totally dry installation process no sintering of the lining is necessary. Energy saving can be as high as 17%.

INSURAL 270 transport ladle
The use of transport ladles for liquid Aluminium is common technology in Aluminium foundries. Foseco now offers a fully installed transport ladle system, including the steel shell, a non-wetting insert and insulating backing, in combination with CE certification. It´s unique design prevents melt splashing during transport, even when emergency braking of the forklift truck is necessary, ensuring a safer working environment. In addition to energy saving INSURAL insert provides a high longevity of service.

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