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Norican relaunches Monitizer® IIoT platform on new infrastructure, with new features

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Norican Group, home to DISA, ItalPresseGauss, StrikoWestofen and Wheelabrator, has launched a new evolution of its proven Monitizer platform. It runs on a new infrastructure and comes with a plethora of new features.

The core piece of the modular suite is the new Monitizer | DISCOVER, which replaces the previous Monitizer | GLOBAL product and comes with new features and new functionality made possible by the switch. Existing Monitizer users will be seamlessly transitioned to the new infrastructure.

Nina Dybdal Rasmussen, Head of Norican Digital, explains: “With this new infrastructure, we’re preparing our digital platforms for an increase in demand. Our existing digital customers are expanding their use of Monitizer and we’re seeing a lot of interest from new customers. Monitizer and its tools have proven themselves across all our brands and in hugely different customer settings– it’s becoming very popular around the world.”

Following the transition, all Monitizer products will be on the same, more powerful and flexible infrastructure. This means Norican can innovate on the platform much faster, in close collaboration with its partners at DataProphet, and customers can upgrade and scale their use of Monitizer much more quickly and easily.

Nina continues: “For our customers all this means they can access a solution that adapts more easily to their local needs, where they can move more seamlessly between modules and where they’ll have faster and immediate access to the new features and innovations that are being released. We can really shape this for the evolving needs of our customers, their people and applications.”

Build your own dashboards, build what you need

The new Monitizer | DISCOVER comes with new features developed in response to customer feedback. A particular area of focus was to make it easier for users to adapt, configure and master the solution easily, without expert help.

Dashboards can be created and edited easily without any knowledge of SQL or the system’s back-end or data configuration. Simple drop-down menus and search functionality as well as the ability to give sensors meaningful names in the local language, means user can select a widget, pick their sensors and see the dashboard form in front of their eyes.

The solution is fully responsive, so it can be accessed on a tablet or mobile device from anywhere, rather than relying on desktop PCs or laptops connected to the local network. This further contributes to empowering more people to use Monitizer’s powerful tools and take charge of optimizing production.

Alarm functionality has been hugely expanded and now includes the ability to set alarm escalation protocols (alerting different groups of people in different waves, depending on how an issue develops and whether the first alerted group reacts). Users can now also tune alarm triggers more finely, for example by requiring multiple conditions or thresholds to be met. This reduces false alarms.

The new Monitizer | DISCOVER features comprehensive localisation options that improve user access. This includes the ability to name sensors and display dashboards in local languages, as well as receiving data feeds from different locations in their local time zone (rather than all incoming data being automatically displayed in the user’s local time zone).

Nina concludes: “Users will absolutely love this. There are countless subtle or seemingly small improvements we have made to Monitizer that we know will mean a lot to our current users, but may sound unglamorous if you’re new to it. The aim was to enable more people at our customers to work with this very powerful platform. Ultimately, this will mean customers can maximise the value they get from Monitizer and really embed the use of data in their production.”

Coming soon

DISA, Italpresse Gauss, StrikoWestofen and Wheelabrator will be launching additional modules and tools on the refreshed Monitizer platform in due course, with more already in the pipeline.

Upcoming launches include next-generation maintenance tool Monitizer | DETECT, a machine effectiveness tool specifically for shot-blast machines, as well as an entry-level Monitizer solution for basic tracking of a handful of key data feeds. Further detail on new digital products will be shared throughout the coming months.

Interested customers are encouraged to talk to their local DISA, ItalPresseGauss, StrikoWestofen or Wheelabrator contact about the digital tools available for their process and requirements.

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