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Morgan Advanced Materials offers high quality gold assay furnaces, crucibles and cupels

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Morgan Advanced Materials offers gold assay fusion and cupellation furnaces, crucibles, and cupels, ideal for quantitative and qualitative analysis of mined ore samples in the gold mineralization industry. Morgan’s excellent manufacturing quality, superior technical service and responsive lead times, have led to recognition as a leader in the supply of crucibles to non-ferrous metals industries worldwide.

Traded under the Furnace Industries brand, the gold assay products are manufactured in two of Morgan’s Western Australia facilities, which represent the company’s center of excellence for gold mining. The manufacturing sites meet ISO 9000 quality standards and are staffed with expert engineers. One site produces high quality, custom-designed furnaces while the other specializes in producing crucibles and cupels on a high speed production line.

Morgan’s gold assay furnaces, crucibles and cupels are an excellent choice for both exploration multi-sample testing, to determine a mine’s potential and for quality control grade tests, to ensure consistent gold content levels in material sent to mills.

Morgan’s innovative designs focus on energy and process efficiency, reflecting a deep understanding of energy losses from furnaces and the needs of the gold assay laboratory. Furnace designs also incorporate new heat resistant and fire retardant products, including Superwool® insulation.

Experienced furnace engineers have developed burner technology which displays high levels of efficiency, allowing Morgan to differentiate itself with high levels of technical service. Morgan provides prompt troubleshooting and expert advice and offers off-the-shelf availability of spare parts with immediate dispatch, superior after sales parts service, and 5-6 week lead times.