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Unrivalled Performance in Ferrous Applications from New Morgan Stopper Rods

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Morgan Advanced Materials has launched a new range of stopper rods (monoblock stopper for cast iron applications).

This latest innovation from Morgan’s Molten Metal Systems business, designed specifically for auto-pour applications such as unheated tundish systems as well as press pour systems, is based on alumina-graphite compositions which are primarily for grey and ductile iron applications.

Following substantial research and development, and testing Morgan has created a product that offers optimal performance through its superior physical properties. Drawing on a wealth of expertise dating back more than a century and a half, Morgan’s advanced material processing technology results in a uniform structure and therefore, exceptional performance in demanding applications. In addition, Morgan’s ceramic-bonded rods have a refractory capability of 1600-1700°C (2912-3092°F), with unrivalled strength and erosion resistance.

As further evidence of their prowess in melting solutions, Morgan’s stopper rods have fared extremely well in tests alongside equivalent products. These showed that Morgan products performed consistently for 40 casting hours, compared with 35 and 12 hours for other products. This level of performance means shortened changeover times and therefore, reduced labour costs, production downtime and metal loss.

Morgan also solicited customer feedback and a key finding was that strength was the main requisite for this type of product, due to its high stress application. The pouring application is controlled by the continuous lifting and dropping of the stopper rod, where the nose (curved region) is repeatedly striking against the nozzle. Accordingly, Morgan carried out Cold Compression Strength (CCS) tests to determine the right mix and subsequently, to achieve a level of strength that was consistent with market requirements. Once again, Morgan demonstrated superior quality, with its rods exhibiting a 14-24 per cent advantage in strength compared with other stopper rods. This is indicative of less damage to the stopper rod and therefore, consistent metal flow during casting.

Mirco Pavoni, Global Technology Director for Morgan’s Molten Metal Systems business, commented: “We go to considerable lengths to ensure the quality and performance of our products, carrying out extensive research and development. Manufacturing products that are simply ‘good enough’ is not our goal; we constantly strive to out-perform our competitors and push the boundaries of excellence for the benefit of our customers. That is our mission and as the results suggest, we are succeeding.”

Morgan Molten Metal Systems is a business within Morgan Advanced Materials specialising in the provision of melting solutions to foundries, die-casters and metal melting facilities covering applications.