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Over 70% of the production and turnover of Meccanica Pi.Erre (MPR) has a final destination in the foreign market, throughout Europe and beyond.

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The market share in which MPR works consists of producers of aluminum and magnesium components, in particular of foundries and die casting foundries, of some OEMs, TIER 1 and TIER 2.

Over the years, MPR has supplied several customers throughout Europe, including the interesting emerging countries of Eastern Europe, and in recent years has taken successful first steps in far markets, such as the USA, China and Mexico, thanks to a sound internal technical and commercial structure. 

The US, Mexican and Chinese markets have become an important challenge for MPR - a challenge that MPR has promptly decided to face. For the past couple years, the company has developed its strategy to better enter these markets; considering the fact that precisely in these countries the manufacturing sectors, especially the automotive one, have been strengthened a lot. 

To face the challenge, involvement with partners has allowed for interesting opportunities, both for the present and for the future. Aiming to strengthen MPR's presence also in Extra-European markets and specifically USA, Mexico and China, MPR has involved other Italian companies, each a leader in their specialization and obviously not competitive to each other, in this project; these partners belong to the Die Casting sector and in particular to HPDC. 

In doing so, the offer on the market becomes more complete: a set of complementary products placed on the market as part of a more appealing product package for the end customer. At the same time, it will be a package enriched with technical know-how developed with over 30 years of experience.

In conclusion, each product, coming from consolidated companies, comes from a solid background, rich in experience and new solutions for the future.

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