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New, lithium-free Additives for Iron and Aluminium Castings

Ismail Yilmaz, Product Manager for Additives at ASK Chemicals, will inform about innovative and lithium-free additives at the 3rd Formstoff-Forum in Munich.

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At the 3rd Formstoff-Forum of the Association of German Foundrymen (VDG), held from February 12 - 13, 2020 at the Munich University of Applied Sciences, the latest developments in the foundry industry will be presented. There will be presentations on the prevention of casting defects as well as social, economic and environmental discussions. Ismail Yilmaz from ASK Chemicals will present how new, lithium-free additives can be used in iron and aluminum casting in a resource-saving manner while maintaining the same casting quality.

Sustainability with the same quality
The light metal lithium is becoming increasingly important due to global political and social developments, especially in the field of electro-mobility. The mining of lithium is costly, consumes large amounts of water and can only be achieved with severe environmental pollution. ASK Chemicals is therefore committed to significantly reducing the use of lithium in additives. In close cooperation with customers of the Hilden-based company, it has been possible to reduce the need for lithium in additive formulations by 40%. It is important to maintain and in the best case even improve the quality of the casting. The additives developed by ASK Chemicals not only improve the environment, but also reduce casting defects, increase tooling availability and in some cases can reduce the use of special sands. 

Visit the presentation of Ismail Yilmaz and learn more about the advantages of lithium-free additives. Furthermore, ASK Chemicals is looking forward to exciting discussions at its booth at the Formstoff-Forum 2020.