Online Insolvency Auction - Küpper Metallverarbeitung Heiligenhaus GmbH

Europe's leading foundry in machine casting for hot gas-carrying parts

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On behalf of the insolvency administrator, Netbid Industrie-Auktionen AG/Angermann Machinery & Equipment GmbH & Co. KG is auctioning off Europe's leading foundry in machine casting for hot gas-carrying parts and specialist in compacted graphite iron (CGI), Küpper Metalverarbeitung Heiligenhaus GmbH. Performance: 3 million components p.a.

For more information, please visit the auction website HERE.


Viewing: Tuesday, 17th of September 2019, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Collection: 23rd of September – 2nd of October 2019

Special conditions: No cash accepted at site.

Online bidding is possible immediately!

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800 Items are up for Auction:

Core Moulding: 
fully-autom. core sand dressing plant, LÜBER, 150 kg/mixing cycle, Siemens S7, man. 2006; arasin washer, B.G.T., Siemens S7; 7 core shooters, LAEMPE, LB25, 5x w. handling unit, Siemens S7, man. 2005 – 2012; 3 core shooters, LAEMPE, L20, Siemens S5, man. 1996 - 1999; 10 gas treatment units, LÜBER, LW FDA 825, Siemens S7, man. 1997 – 2017; robot black wash dipping plant, KÜPPER, Siemens S7 TIA; black wash dipping plant, KÜPPER, 8 basins, each 80l; core sand lump breaker, STEFFENS, VB 8-1; 2 microwave tunnel dryers, MWT, CK 30/III/2, 100 Magnetrons 

Melting Shop: 
2 mains frequency furnaces, ASEA, LF10, each 10t, melting capacity per unit 2,5 t/h; channel-type holding furnace, ASEA, LFR 45 CSH, 60t; magnesium treatment chamber w. 2 wire feeders; 10 drum-type ladles, capacity each 2t; 5 cruicible ladles, capacity each 3t; 7 casting machines, capacity each 3,5t; ladle transfer plant, CTI, man. 2003; ladle unboxing excavator, TOPTEC, 1850E; blending crane 

Moulding Shop: 
autom. boxless moulding plant, DISA, Disamatic 2032, bale size 775 x 600 mm, max. 240 bales/h, core setter, PMC transfer line, BDE data acquisition f. all bales, shake out station, Siemens S7, man. 1976 (large spare parts pack); autom. boxless moulding plant, DISA, Disamatic 2013 MK3-A, bale size 600 x 400 mm, max. 300 bales/h, core setter, AMC transfer line, BDE data acquisition f. all bales, cooling conveyor, cast cooling unit, control system, Allen Bradley, man. 2001 (large spare parts pack); 2 shake out stations, ZEWE, 1x reversible, 1x man. 2017; cast crasher, YUATSUKI, ALP 1200-100TB, man. 2008; moulding sand preparation plant w. sand bunkers, belt conveyors, polygon screen, bucket conveyors, counterflow high-speed mixer, EIRICH, DWV 29/6, power 22t/h (large spare parts pack); moulding sand cooling system, SIMPSON, MC-200, max. 180 t/h (large spare parts pack) 

Blasting/Cleaning Shop:
3 fully-autom. crawler belt blasting units, WHEELABRATOR-BERGER, R3cV + R4d + R4e, process steps: loading – blasting – unloading, fully-automatic, Siemens S7; bogie hearth furnace, LOI-SAAR, 9 burners (new), rated temp. 950 °C, Siemens S7; autom. cast separation plant, JANKE, exhaust manifold production plant, man. 2011; autom. cast separation plant, REICHMANN, TS 600/80, man. 2000; 14 grinding/polishing machines, Ø 400 - 600 mm 

Spectrometer, OBLF, QSN 750, man. 2007; Spectrometer, OBLF, RS 1000, man. 1999; Remelting furnaces, Hardening furnaces, Sample separation / Grinding machines, Analyzers a.m.o. 

Quality Control: 
2 3D-Measuring machines, ZEISS, WMM 850, man. 2000 + Prismo 9/15/7 MPS, man. 1999 a.m.o.

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