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Oops – they did it again!

With this statement, pour-tech AB describes less acting as a heartbreaker, but much more the successful sale of their unheated pouring system to the family business ATIK Metal – this time as a duo! This is the 7th pourTECH™ system for the Turkish foundry.

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Due to the construction of a second foundry near Izmir, there was no question for Mehmet and Murat Atik to once again integrate the pourTECH™ systems into the entire pouring concept. The goal is to make the casting process smoother, to use the employees in production more effectively and to achieve high-quality pouring results.

Both pourTECH™ 2.8t unheated automatic pouring devices are fitted with vision system and installed on the new horizontal flask line. This molding line has a flask size of 1.100mm x 950mm x 650+50mm and produces 220 molds per hour. In the pouring process with the unheated system, the camera observes the current iron level for constant level in the pouring cup while pouring. The camera will send pixel information to the PLC processor for counting the illuminated pixels for calculation of the cup filling. This prevents over- and underflow and contributes to a high-quality pouring result.

Thanks to the camera technology on the unheated pourTECH™ ladle, the brand new foundry has taken the first step towards automation and allows the investment for a fully automated system to be spread over the years. Both pourTECH™ systems are future-oriented and designed for potential upgrades.

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