pour-tech AB successful in 2021

The global market leader in automatic pouring solutions was able to expand its leading position with various orders of a wide range. The further international placement of automated systems and the cooperation with well-known foundries is a big milestone for the company.

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In the end of the year, the automotive supplier Demisas chose the pourTECH™ system for extending the foundry. An already existing pressure pouring furnace will be equipped with the inoTECH™ automatic inoculation system and the 3D line laser. The long-term cooperation and the great relationship between Demisas and pour-tech AB were decisive for the foundry.

In addition, the market leader will place another system in Turkey next year. The foundry Trakya Döküm invested in the installation of a new laser pouring control. The system will be installed on a furnace, which is intended for the seventh molding line.

Another success just before Christmas for pour-tech AB: The Czech foundry Eurac Hradec ordered the double pouring system TWINpour™ to increase the productivity of the existing molding line. This system will be installed on an existing furnace.

A Swedish truck manufacturer invested in an unheated pouring ladle with laser-technology. While decision making the main focus was on flexibility. Therefore, the system will be shipped with different sized ladles to provide constant quality of melt – even with very different throughputs. In order to remove the operator from the dangerous area during filling, the system will be equipped with a automatic ladle elevator.

Another pressurized crucible pouring furnace with a nozzle pouring control were ordered by the Elsterberg GmbH foundry. For this traditional foundry, on the one hand flexibility and speed on the market and on the other hand the energy savings through this furnace technology were decisive factors. The company decided to use an automatic ladle elevator to fill the furnace.

In addition to Europe, the markets in China and the USA were also supplied with several systems.

The fast change of alloys has the highest priority for every customer to serve the market’s demand of high-quality pouring parts with specific properties. That is the reason why every system is able to change between different alloys if needed.

pour-tech AB thanks all customers for their confidence and wishes a Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2022!