Open ABP Virtual Classroom Session: Seeing continuing education through different eyes

Free session in German language on Thursday, 3 February 2022

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Regular training and education of a team is elementary, especially in such a highly sensitive work area as the environment of a kiln plant. ABP closes the gap between the equipment and the necessary training with the ABP Virtual Classroom. At an open session on 3 February 2022, interested parties can immerse themselves in ABP's virtual environment and test the environment free of charge. At the same time, the speakers will present the various training topics and be available to answer questions about the training concept and content for interested parties.

The ABP Virtual Classroom has been regularly hosting training courses and information events on core topics from the foundry world for almost two years. The solution, which has already won awards, can both present lectures and adopt 3D models from the ABP portfolio. In this way, training participants are confronted with a digital twin of the furnace systems. ABP brings the digital versions of the melting furnaces into the virtual classroom. This is exciting when customers want to refresh their knowledge of an existing ABP plant or when training new employees. Such a digital session is enormously helpful as a kick-off when customers are planning to modernise, expand or completely rebuild their plant. In this way, they can experience the topic of product training in a new way: they have the functionalities explained to them, the correct use of individual unit features or even tips and tricks for everyday use.

- How can energy and CO2 be saved?

- How do customers increase the efficiency of their systems?

- What are the possibilities for maintenance?

- How does ABP digitalise a kiln plant - and what benefits in terms of safety, availability and monitoring do our ABP Intelligence Alarms and apps such as the Zorc FoundryCloud open up for customers?

The ABP Virtual Classroom opens up these and many other possibilities. Participants not only get explicit product knowledge delivered, but also save travel costs and time, and thanks to the fascinating technology, there is also a bit more fun involved.

Tip: Register directly for our free open Virtual Classroom session, which we are offering at the start of the 2022 seminar programme. In one hour you can test out the environment, learn more about the planned training content and get to know the speakers. The open ABP Virtual Classroom Session will take place on Thursday, 3 February 2022. Register now at Our special promotion to kick off the 2022 seminar programme: the first five registrations will receive a voucher for 50% percent off a virtual training session in 2022.


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