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OTTO JUNKER GmbH - Contract for the core assembly of a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner

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Machining at its highest level

Over the past decades, our high-grade steel foundry has been continually augmenting its mechanical machining performance through a focused capital investment and human resources policy. These advances, along with the expertise and skills gained as more demanding components were successfully machined, have taken us to a superior level of technology.

The contract for machining a core component assembly for the new generation of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanners clearly attests to this capability. One does not need to have a detailed understanding of how this equipment works to realize that, when it comes to cutting edge systems for medical diagnostics, unsurpassed quality standards must be met.

The core assembly is the so-called dynamic ring that rotates inside the MRI scanner. It consists of three segments weighing 800 kg each. These segments are made of a cast aluminium alloy (AlSi10Mg) and are delivered to OTTO JUNKER in an unfinished state for machining. Each of the three segments is initially milled in a machining center in four setups. Here the challenge lies in the small tolerances, combined with the use of exceptionally long tools. The requisite high accuracy calls for dimensional checks after each machining step, with transmission of the readings to the customer. Once all dimensions are within specified tolerances, the segments are assembled into a ring and bolted together in a vertical turning and boring mill. This is followed by machining of some external contours and of the bearing seat. The dimensional inspection of the finishmachined ring is carried out directly in the vertical turning and boring mill using a laser tracker to ensure that the small tolerances have indeed been achieved. If this is the case, the ring is disassembled again and cleaned before it can be shipped to the customer.

To date, a total of 11 such rings have been delivered and fitted in the customer's equipment without giving rise to any complaint. This track record further demonstrates the high machining standards applied in OTTO JUNKER's high-grade steel foundry.

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