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OTTO JUNKER GmbH - New INDUGA series – low-pressure die casting system delivered to customers in Indonesia and China

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INDUGA delivered and successfully commissioned two low-pressure die casting machines of type 2121 at subsidiaries of the TOTO company headquartered in Japan in February / March this year.

The new series of INDUGA low-pressure die casting machines is characterized by a number of innovations: Firstly, the machine capacity is significantly increased by the use of two independent rotary manipulators enabling two different castings to be produced simultaneously. Secondly, the upgrade to the advanced Siemens S7 TIA and the use of servomotors ensure a better positioning accuracy of the mould on the furnace.

In addition, both machines are equipped with numerous options and monitoring devices which greatly facilitate operator control and provide a high degree of automation. The machines, used for the production of high-quality sanitary faucets made of brass, were manufactured simultaneously and fully tested in INDUGA's assembly shop at OTTO JUNKER prior to shipment.

TOTO, with its headquarters in Fukuoka, is Japan's leading producer of sanitary ware, and its name has been standing for advanced bathroom and kitchen culture in Asia since its foundation in 1917. Apart from sanitary ware, the company's product range also includes water fittings. The TOTO group products are made in Asia and sold all over the world. Since 1986, when the first low pressure die casting machine was bought from KWC / INDUGA, TOTO Japan has been using our casting technology consistently in the production of high-quality brass fittings.

TOTO's subsidiary company in Dalian, China, purchased the new low-pressure die casting machine of type 2121 to expand its production of high-quality sanitary faucets, adding this new casting machine to its first INDUGA machine type 1011 installed in 2012.

The Indonesian subsidiary, P.T. Surya TOTO in Jakarta, produces not only sanitary ware and faucets but also kitchenware and related products. Also P.T. Surya TOTO purchased the new low pressure die casting machine of type 2121 to expand its production of brass fittings, adding this new casting machine to the four existing INDUGA-KWC machines.

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