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OTTO JUNKER GmbH - Russian company Magnitogorsk Plant Rolls has ordered additional melting furnaces

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Magnitogorsk Plant Rolls is a renowned equipment supplier catering to the steel industry. The company is a member of Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works OJSC (MMK), one of the world's largest steelmaking groups.

It was only last year that the Russian company commissioned two new OTTO JUNKER furnace systems, which have since performed exceedingly well in day-to-day production service. This was a key consideration prompting the management to come back to OTTO JUNKER for the supply of two additional furnace plants.

The purpose of these OTTO JUNKER furnace systems is to melt and alloy special cast iron grades needed in the production of metallurgical rolls.

The two purchase orders share a number of features. Each involves two MONOMELT systems (one furnace, one frequency converter) with Multi- Frequency technology (250/125 Hz), designed for melting both steel and cast iron alloys. Both are also similar in terms of the level of electrical power supply and hence, melting rate. Only the furnace sizes differ markedly. While the first order was for one 4-tonne and one 6-tonne furnace with a power rating of 3,200 and 2,000 kW, respectively, the second contract specifies one 10-tonne and one 20-tonne unit rated for 3,000 kW and 5,000 kW. The reason for ordering two much larger furnaces this time is related to manufacturing technology.

On the one hand, the company aims to melt down larger roll parts; on the other, it wants to have larger quantities of liquid metal available for casting larger rolls. The necessary alloying work and carburizing treatment are greatly facilitated by switching to the lower frequency of 125 Hz, which provides good bath movement despite a low power input.

Apart from advanced operating and visualization features, a water recooling system with water-to-water cooling tower and furnace extractor hoods capable of swivelling in two directions, the two contracts each comprise a dry dust collection system. The dust collection Tapping from the furnace system installed in 2015 equipment is designed to handle the exhaust gases of both furnaces.

The equipment has by now been shipped to the customer, and its erection was commenced on May 1st

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