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OTTO JUNKER GmbH: Success built on innovation and expertise

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For more than 90 years, Otto Junker has been defending its leading international role in the manufacture of sophisticated industrial furnace systems for metallurgical applications and as a supplier of 'ready for installation' special-steel castings.
To mark our company's 90th anniversary, a Furnace Convention will be held on September 5, 2014. It will be preceded by a festive opening event on the previous evening.  The proceedings will focus on achievements of the company's founder and on successful developments made as well as on the outlook towards future challenges. 

Following the celebration on September 4, the next day will be dedicated to a series of interesting lectures and presentations addressing recent developments and trends as part of the Junker Furnace Convention. The convention programme will be supplemented by demonstrations and live exhibitions of trial equipment and models, as well as by a factory tour.
September 6 will be Family Day, where our anniversary will be celebrated with all employees and their relatives.

Today, several thousand industrial furnaces built by OTTO JUNKER are in use all over the world. These furnaces melt, cast and heat-treat metals and are needed wherever demand exists for dimensionally accurate forgings, castings and high-quality semi-finished products such as plates, strips, foils, sections or tubes of diverse metals.
Founded in 1924 at Lammersdorf in the Eifel region, our company has dedicated itself to metal processing from its earliest days. Otto Junker established his enterprise to market the water-cooled mould invented by his father. In the years that followed our company's founder dedicated his efforts to the development and production of innovative machinery and equipment, maintaining close relations with the Technical University of Aachen (RWTH) all the time in the awareness that continuous technical development is indispensable for a company's success.
Thus, it was only logical that the foundation he set up in 1970 and which became the sole owner of OTTO JUNKER GmbH after Dr. Otto Junker's death should define the promotion of science and technology and the support of young engineers at RWTH as its main objective. Our close cooperation with the University of Aachen's departments of electrical engineering and metallurgy has remained the basis for key innovations until this day.

Industrial furnace building faces exacting demands. Apart from the need to meet process parameters ever more rigorously and to address pressures for more powerful equipment all the time, issues of power efficiency increasingly take center stage. After all, industrial furnaces account for approx. 40% of today's industrial energy consumption, and almost 70% of the energy demand of every foundry or casthouse is expended on the melting operation. Through its development and use of energy saving furnace technology for both melting and heat treatment needs Otto Junker has greatly helped to improve energy efficiency. Compared to conventional technologies and equipment, the savings thus gained may amount to as much as 30%.
Today's products often call for new metals or materials having greatly improved properties. For the production of such materials, special industrial furnaces are necessary. Otto Junker addresses these requirements via a number of successful developments, e.g., induction furnaces for refining silicon for photovoltaic applications and equipment for the high-quality heat treatment of components made of novel aluminium alloys.
The exploration of new application fields, the technological refinement of steel casting processes and the further expansion of machining capabilities characterize the activities of Otto Junker's in-house high-grade steel foundry. Synergy effects are tapped through the cooperation between equipment design and manufacturing units and our own foundry.

The company's key strategy has remained unchanged since its foundation. The aim is to pursue innovation in an effort to develop new products and improve existing ones so as to strengthen our manufacturing base at the Lammersdorf site. In all these activities, the focus is placed on customer benefits and customer satisfaction.

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