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Pick up cast parts directly after the casting system and deburr them in one setting

If you need more than two people / shift for deburring, you should now deal with automated solutions

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What can not be done to get a "good cast" but when the cast part is successful, a lot of steps are still necessary to complete the workpiece. Sawing, separating, filing, drilling, thread cutting, what belongs to deburring is then in demand and the process interruption for manual processing often incurs costs that do not have to be that way.

For over 25 years, TREBI Srl has been creating solutions for flexible and economical surface processing and component deburring. Right from the start, the corporate concept focused on the versatile use of robots, which are intended to create real added value in existing production processes. This is about holistic offers that also cope with fluctuating or decreasing quantities and that control sophisticated geometries flexibly and reliably.

TREBI Srl also offers solutions that in the past could only be automated with difficulty, at high costs or not at all.

This is where TREBI Srl comes in particularly with the AFC series, which enables high-precision and fast deburring by means of ultra-modern camera systems and 3D compensated tools and that with minimal changeover times, even with daily production changes.

The profitability should also be mapped for small and medium-sized quantities in cooperation with the company so that the automated and precise deburring is definitely worthwhile compared to manual handling. Anyone who has more than 2 people per shift in deburring should now deal with the possibilities of automation.

With 25 years of experience in the field of post-processing of castings, at TREBI Srl you are dealing with experienced and solution-oriented experts who can show their customers the possibilities of their test center on their own workpieces, sensitive in their thinking and tough in the calculation.

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