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Product launch of ASCO Dry Ice Pelletizer P28

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ASCO CARBON DIOXIDE LTD launches the ASCO Dry Ice Pelletizer P28 as an optimised follow-up model of the ASCO Dry Ice Pelletizer A240P. The compact and powerful new machine operates with a production capacity of up to 280 kg/h (617 lbs/h). This allows to convert liquid CO2 quickly and economically into dry ice pellets.

The ASCO Dry Ice Pelletizer P28 combines the entire technical know-how in the wide field of dry ice production in recent years. Users of the new ASCO device can cover their need of dry ice autonomously by producing dry ice pellets in different sizes (3, 10 and 16 mm / 1/3, 3/8 and 5/8 in) promptly on site.

The ASCO Dry Ice Pelletizer P28 scores with numerous improvements compared to its forerunner: The new, self-explanatory Siemens HMI KTP 700, containing a 7 inch multi-touch screen, guarantees an intuitive handling. The main task of the ASCO engineering team consisted in providing easier and lower maintenance not least to reduce maintenance costs. This has been achieved with the development of a new press chamber made of aluminum and the option of a rotatable discharge unit. All of these innovations including a cost-saving design result in higher user-friendliness and lower service needs which offer more efficient production processes. The newest addition to the ASCO product line starts production automatically and stops once the desired amount of dry ice is reached – an advantage which is offered by all ASCO Dry Ice Pelletizers. Shortest start-up time and a low noise level are an added bonus.

Managing Director Marco Pellegrino adds: "The new ASCO Dry Ice Pelletizer P28 is yet another reliable and productive option in choosing the right machine for each requirement. For decades, ASCO is the right address when it comes to build up or extend an in-house dry ice production. Extensive industry know-how and a self-contained CO2 product range enable all-in service for our customers, true to our credo "All about CO2"."

Dry ice pellets are used in different industries such as transport cooling, refrigeration of food, catering purpose as well as dry ice blasting. An in-house dry ice production offers lots of advantages such as a cost-effective just-in-time production, a reproducible quality, hardly logistical effort, efficient cleaning results for dry ice blasting and less dry ice loss due to sublimation. The independence from an external supplier provides not only a higher quality and flexibility in the daily working process but also shorter production downtimes and therefore greater cost-effectiveness.

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