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ASCO CARBON DIOXIDE and BUSE Gastek pool their strengths in CO2-process and dry ice technology

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The German firm BUSE Gastek GmbH & Co. KG, headquartered in Bad Hönningen, is merging its business divisions for CO2 production and recovery plant construction and dry ice technology with the Swiss company ASCO CARBON DIOXIDE LTD, headquartered in Romanshorn. Employees of BUSE Gastek working in these divisions will be transferred to ASCO, a subsidiary of the German specialist in industrial gases Messer Group. Based on sales figures for 2013, the merger will result in a competitive company with an estimated annual turnover of EUR 32 million.

The joint venture will operate under the name ASCO CARBON DIOXIDE LTD, with Marco Pellegrino retaining his role as Managing Director. BUSE Gastek’s business divisions Tank Service for Technical Gases and Cryogenic Freezers, based at the sites in Bad Hönningen and Steinheim-Bergheim, are not affected by the merger and will remain part of BUSE Gastek.

ASCO and BUSE Gastek share a similar heritage: both companies are traditional plant builders with over 90 and 120 years of experience respectively in CO2 and dry ice technology. The merger will allow the expertise and product portfolios of both companies to be pooled and significantly expanded. This applies in particular to the complex field of CO2 recovery, which requires a constant flow of innovative solutions to meet customers’ economic and environmental demands. The joint venture offers solutions for a wide range of CO2 sources, whether natural sources, stack gas, brewing and other fermentation processes, ammonia, hydrogen or ethylene oxide production, or a host of other industrial sources.

“The merger will allow us to combine and expand our core competencies and pool our strengths,” enthuses ASCO Managing Director, Marco Pellegrino. “This is a huge step for both parties, and we look forward to working together and maintaining our status as a global player on the market.”

Particularly in the fields of engineering and plant construction, Germany continues to play a key role on the international markets, so it was quickly decided that ASCO would acquire and expand a site at the BUSE Gastek location in Bad Hönningen, Germany. This will house the departments for engineering and for the construction of CO2 production and recovery plants. The production of dry ice machines for the entire joint venture will be carried out in Eschlikon, Switzerland.

Completion of the transaction is subject to the conclusion of negotiations with the works committee of BUSE Gastek regarding reconciliation of interests.

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