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Simpson, Webac at WFO Technical Forum Portoroz 2019

"30% energy optimization in the field of mixing technology for green sand foundries"

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The World Foundry Organization (WFO) and the Slovenian Foundry Association are hosting the "WFO Technical Forum" and the 59th International Foundry Conference.

Simpson Technologies (Germany) GmbH and Webac Gesellschaft für Maschinenbau mbH are taking part in this event for the first time this year, which takes place from September 18-20 in Portoroz, Slovenia under the motto "Castings as complex components".

As part of this event, a presentation on "New developments in the field of high-performance continuous mixers for green sand systems" will be presented on Friday, September 20th at 12:00 in the Robert Scott Hall.

Increasingly larger and faster molding systems, in conjunction with increasingly complex casting geometries, ultimately require more and more good molding sand of consistent quality.

Everything in the interaction between time, space, energy and manpower
These four keywords explain the development of the Simpson Multi-Mull (continuous mixer for green sand). The Simpson Multi-Mull is the only green sand continuous mixer worldwide and is used daily by more than 400 foundries.

The presentation shows the operation of the Simpson Multi-Mull and how a foundry saves <50% in running energy costs and> 30% in investment costs.

The continuous mixing process is more energy efficient compared to batch mixing. Due to its concept, the batch mixing concept has discontinuous energetic peaks compared with the constant continuous mixing principle.

In addition, there are continuous load changes during batch operation which have corresponding influence on the installed components.

The presentation will explain these examples in more detail and show how certain foundries can achieve similar results in order to benefit from the advantages of continuous mixing.

New innovative features have been designed for the Simpson Multi-Mull to improve blending performance, reduce maintenance and operating costs, and also meet Industry 4.0 needs.

For information about this presentation or other Simpson products, such as the continuous cooling of used sand, the mech. / therm. Regeneration of old sand or the measurement / control of sand properties, please visit: or

Simpson Technologies and Webac GmbH look forward to welcoming you to Slovenia this month at the "WFO - Technical Forum" and the 59th International Foundry Conference.